Chapter 271: Black Shadow

Li Yi snapped out of his daze after two seconds, and he rushed to Wei An's side to cover her body with some dirty clothes lying around. Meanwhile, he was still shocked as he had clearly witnessed that Chu Han had, and was currently using only one hand. He had blocked and then twisted Hu Menghao's, a phase-3 evolutionary, forearm like it was a trivial matter.

Wei An was finally able to relax, and she sat on the floor. She had almost been raped. When thinking about it, her anger and killing intent reached their peak. What mistake had she committed? She had preserved her moral integrity, and even traversed an unimaginable distance, ignoring the risk that she would meet on the way, to find her loved one. But what did she get for all that?

Fear took over Hu Menghao's heart ad he was soon drenched in cold sweat. He gritted his teeth to bear the intense pain coming from his arm and looked at Chu Han. The young man stood expressionless before him, and there was no sign of lust in his eyes for the naked woman sitting on the floor. He was looking at Wei An the same way he did with Li Yi the moment he stepped inside, in a relaxed and casual manner. However, the way Chu Han looked at Hu Menghao and the surrounding people made their scalps tingle.

What kind of a man could be so relaxed with such an event?

The people in the house looked at Chu Han and Hu Menghao. Chu Han kept twisting Hu Menghao's forearm as slowly as possible, and at the same time, cracking sounds came from it. Just listening to those sounds could make one's complexion ghastly white.

"Boss," someone said with a shaking voice. ""You can kill Chu Han!"

"Hahaha! Boss, what happened to you?"

"He is just a phase-1 evolutionary. Boss, what are you waiting for?"

Hu Menghao's henchmen encouraged their boss. They only thought that what happened was just a fluke. Wasn't Chu Han a mere phase-1 evolutionary, while their boss a phase-3?

Hu Menghao had an ominous feeling and said nothing. Similarly, he was doubtful. Was Chu Han really a phase-1? How could he suppress a phase-3 without breaking a sweat? When did he become so powerful?

Chu Han grinned and glanced at Wei An who was crying on the ground. He said in a cold tone, "Little An, how do you want to deal with this?"

Wei An was startled by Chu Han's sudden question and then she smiled before crying again. It was hard for her to calm down as the feeling of surviving through a catastrophe was still lingering in her heart. Chu Han even asked about her opinion, which made her feel respected, while Hu Menghao, her f*ck*ng boyfriend, not only had not trusted her, but he even humiliated her.

The gap between those two was like heaven and earth!

Li Yi was astounded once again. Although he had failed to understand Chu Han's thoughts, he still admired him. Chu Han was still considerate of Wei An's feelings and make her feel better. The girl no longer wanted to commit suicide. Li Yi was worse than Chu Han with words.

"Kill him!" Wei An laughed like a madwoman and uttered those two words! She was truly desperate earlier.

At the same time, Chu Han received the system's notifications that Wei An's loyalty had increased.

"I, no, no, no! Wei An, no!" Hu Menghao was so scared that he body shook uncontrollably and he stuttered. He knew that he was not Chu Han's opponent.

"Kill him!" Hearing her giving the death sentence, fear took over everyone's hearts. The humiliation and despair they had brought to the naive girl from earlier forced her to become like that. Before they could even react-


Chu Han increased his power and pulverized Hu Menghao's right hand after breaking it first!

"Ah!" Hu Menghao let out a loud heartbreaking scream as his loose and pulverized forearm swang like a pendulum. He could only yell in pain. 

Wei An stood up when Chu Han stretched his foot to deliver the fatal blow to Hu Menghao, and she said with determination, "Brother Chu, thank you. But I want to kill this b*stard! I have to be the one who kills everyone present!"

She had to kill the b*stard and his minions. She could let the people who had humiliated her leave this place alive! 

Chu Han was flabbergasted, but he retracted his foot. As Wei An was about to start slaughtering-


Suddenly, a black shadow jumped inside from the window. Before anyone could understand what had happened, a cold glint flashed through Chu Han's eyes.


Chu Han pressed the Shura axe's third dial and blocked the incoming attack.

'Clang! Clang! Clang!'

Several frictions sounds echoed through the room, while sparks appeared with every clash. It was difficult to see what the black shadow was inside the dark room.

Chu Han was fighting against it rapidly, and all of his attention was focused on it. At that moment, Hu Menghao's screaming voice came to a stop and right after a sound of landing and messy footsteps came from outside.

Hu Menghao had taken advantage of that moment and jumped out of the window. He had escaped!

"He is gone!" Li Yi screamed and was about to follow after him.

"Don't leave," Chu Han shouted while fighting against the black shadow, "Protect Wei An. It is a zombie!"


Li Yi and Wei An were shocked, and they cast eyes on the shadow fighting against Chu Han. It was tall and covered with a long and black robe. The zombie's figure resembled that of a human. It was hard to see inside the room, so they hadn't realized it was a zombie.

Why would the zombie wear human clothes and even sneak attack?

The others heard the conversation, and they rushed out of the house in panic while screaming ceaselessly.

"It is a phase-3 zombie!"


"Block them," Chu Han said nothing more. He ordered Li Yi, and he also threw a gun from his pocket to Wei An.


The axe clashed with the zombie's claws again.


Wei An shot at the zombie without hesitation, but the zombie shook its head to avoid the bullet. Meanwhile, it attacked Chu Han again!