Chapter 118: None of My Business

"Oh!" Chu Han retracted his killing intent and focused on Jiang Zuo, "Although, what you did, stopping the other group, means nothing to me, I still want to thank you. If we ever meet again in the future, then you can ask me for a favor and I will do it for you."

What Chu Han said was in no way an exaggeration. The use of the word ‘will’ showed how arrogant he was, and exposed the ambition hidden in his heart.

He was not a person who liked being low-key or pretending being weak. He always robbed what he wanted. That’s what he did in his previous life, and he would be more direct and arrogant in this generation!

Chu Han’s words dazed Jiang Zuo and his wife. They could feel the ambition in Chu Han’s eyes clearly. Jiang Zuo had two extreme ideas about Chu Han; he was either a madman or a hero in the world.

After finishing talking, Chu Han walked toward the scared and pale looking Shangguan Yuxin, "You mentioned before that you don’t have enough medicine?"

"Yes." Shangguan Yuxin did not know why Chu Han asked the question but she just replied subconsciously.

"Military doctor." Chu Han murmured and looked at her with narrow eyes. Without waiting for Shangguan Yuxin to recover, he said to Shang Jiuti, "Go with the woman."

Shangguan Yuxin was at daze and then she recovered. She knew that Chu Han would force her to act as Luo Xiaoxiao’s exclusive doctor.

"I can’t go with you!" Shangguan Yuxin protested, "I am not your private doctor. There are so many people in the team, including old people, women and children. I have to take care of them!"

Chu Han’s stopped walking and his face became cold. Suddenly, he viciously smiled, "These people are none of my business!"

The indifference in Chu Han’s tone scared the others. They had come to an understanding; the man in front of them would only protect his comrades, the rest of them meant nothing, be it human or zombie,

"Jiuti, take her!" Chu Han walked to the G55 while ordering Shang Jiuti. He opened the door and sat in the driving seat. He started the vehicle without looking back.

Shang Jiuti nodded and rushed to Shangguan Yuxin. She followed his order without hesitation, just like Chen Shaoye.

He Peiyuan and the Lu Hongsheng in the far place could not help but feel surprised. Shang Jiuti looked like a weak woman, but Chu Han had asked her, such a beautiful woman, to bring Shangguan Yuxin with her, instead of him taking action.

Shangguan Yuxin looked at Shang Jiuti and was relieved; she was just a beautiful weak-looking woman.

 Shangguan Yuxin was not a common doctor as she was someone serving the military; it was quite easy to stand her ground against a normal woman. Hence, Shangguan Yuxin stretched her hands to the coming Shang Jiuti in order to stop her.

 Shangguan Yuxin’s speed was very fast, He Peiyuan could not help nodding. The woman should be a fierce entity in the military.

It was a pity that Shang Jiuti was her opponent...

‘Pat!’ There was a little noise.

Shangguan Yuxin attacked with a punch at Shang Jiuti, but Shang Jiuti caught her punch and used its force to overthrow her. Soon, Shangguan Yuxin was on the ground with her hand behind her back; grabbed tightly by two soft and powerful palms.

Shangguan Yuxin’s body was under Shang Jiuti’s control. Shang Jiuti was not tall and her slim arms look they could break with the slightest touch. Everyone was shocked; they all knew that Shangguan Yuxin was not only a doctor.

In the bystanders’ eyes, Shang Jiuti should be the weakest in Chu Han’s team. Compared to the cold Bai Yun’er, Shang Jiuti was just a normal woman. She would cry, laugh, be mad and angry. Her eyes were filled with softness when looking at to Luo Xiaoxiao. Everyone thought she was only Chu Han’s ‘plaything’.

However, she had caught Shangguan Yuxin! Shangguan Yuxin’s battle prowess was not that low and she was even stronger than a common adult male. She was not just a common doctor, but an excellent soldier!

But now, the unexpected turn of event shocked everyone since Shang Jiuti made Shangguan Yuxin surrender! How could such a weak-looking woman be so powerful? God! Were the people in Chu Han’s team monsters?

He Peiyuan and Shangguan Yuxin, both belonging to the military, were the most affected from the shock. Shang Jiuti’s fighting style and the way she was locking Shangguan Yuxin’s hands behind her back, was a soldier’s battle technique.

Shang Jiuti’s was not a normal woman! Could she be a soldier?!

"Let’s go!" Shang Jiuti shouted and pushed Shangguan Yuxin into the white van. Her style of doing things was gradually getting closer to Chu Han’s.

‘Bang!’ Shangguan Yuxin was pushed into the carriage. She got a bit dizzy as she was forcefully pushed in the van. Shang Jiuti got off the car but left the door unlocked. After that, the van started moving.

The G55 and white van rushed toward the same direction!

Shangguan Yuxin could not help but open her eyes widely. She was speechless, the whole situation was unreasonable.

Shang Jiuti was abandoned by Chu Han and Chen Shaoye?

She was astonished!


A slight noice was made in the carriage and then the door was shut tightly. Shang Jiuti was expressionless, she found a place to sit and continued using a towel to wipe Luo Xiaoxiao. The process was so smooth.

Shangguan Yuxin’s jaw dropped to the ground! Shock and confusion were apparent in her eyes. Shang Jiuti’s talent was similar to a special agent’s.

No, it was far more than that!

Shangguan Yuxin stared at Shang Jiuti’s face and her weak-looking arms. Shang Jiuti was even powerful than special agent.

Who was she?!

Why did the powerful woman and the sniper Chen Shaoye listen to Chu Han’s orders?

Who was Chu Han?!

What was that group?

The bystanders were dazed again while looking at the vehicles getting further away.

Shang Jiuti’s action had truly shocked them. She had jumped to the moving van! Not even a special agent could accomplish something like that!

The high and monstrous G55 was in the front. Chu Han, who was driving, did not know about the shocked complexions Shanguan Yuxin and the people, they left behind, had! In his eyes, it was a common thing for Shang Jiuti jumping on a vehicle at high speed.