Chapter 2577 – A Unique Reunion (2)

Chapter 2577: A Unique Reunion (2)

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At the tips of those threads were tiny mouths. When the mouths were closed, people could not see anything, but once they were opened, they were about the size of a thumb! It looked very frightening when these silk-like threads with the mouths attached itself to the people. Fortunately, they could not sneak into the wizardry barrier set by Di Fuyi. Instead, they spread outwards, like vines extending in all directions.

“Haha! Di Fuyi, you can probably protect these 10,000 people. But, can you defend the whole Shura World? This immortal Shura Grass will spread endlessly! In the end, the entire Shura World will be consumed! The man in black chucked in the sky as the words he uttered resonated in everyone’s ears. Everyone’s facial expression changed. How could the people of the Shura World possibly survive?

“Zhu Duqing, why are you doing this for?” Gu Xijiu asked.

The man in black looked down from the sky, and his eyes fell on Gu Xijiu. He did not answer her question immediately. Instead, he sighed first. “Master Xijiu, do you really think that I am Zhu Duqing?”

The man’s voice was rather remarkable, and it had a strange effect on the crowd. Apparently, he used some interesting technique to alter his voice, so that when the women present heard his voice, their hearts almost melted. However, Gu Xijiu merely frowned. She was immune to this kind of charm. “I know that Zhu Duqing is just your alias. Is this candle dragon the donkey?”

The black man sighed softly. “I know that I can’t hide anything from you. Yes, it is the donkey.” He then patted the head of the candle dragon. “Little Mo, let’s say hello to an old friend.”

The candle dragon snorted, shook its head, and screeched! This time, it was not the sound of a donkey, but it still resonated throughout the sky! In a brief moment, Di Fuyi’s wizardry barrier was shattered.

The people were exposed again, and the thread-like silks took the chance to spread themselves around the people. Fortunately, Feng Ruhuo and the rest were guarding them. Therefore, as soon as the filaments arrived, their swords had chopped them off!

The filaments were made of extremely tough material, however. They were not afraid of the knives and weapons used by the people. Those with weaker skills could not do any damage to the threads. Instead, their weapons were snatched away with ease.

Di Fuyi quickly cast a few spells in succession, and every attack destroyed a few of the vines. The two skeleton grievances screamed shrilly as if their limbs had been cut off. There was a black sticky liquid that splattered out from the broken filaments as if it was their blood.

“Don’t hurt them!” Yun Yanli almost rushed over and wanted to protect the two skeleton figures. Unfortunately, just as he arrived, he was caught by the vines! Once the filaments captured their prey, it would pull them into its grasp.

Kun Xueyi frowned at the sight. He had no particular feelings for Yun Yanli, but he did empathize with the man after all the troubles he went through lately. Moreover, they had already got married by accident! Although it was a mistake, he had a strange sense of responsibility toward Yun Yanli. He did not want to see Yun Yanli being sucked up and turned into a skeleton, so he immediately leaped into the sky and aimed his weapon at the filaments that had captured Yun Yanli. “Shuaa!” His long sword stabbed into the vines. In an instant, they grew rapidly around the sword.