Chapter 2523 – The Master Of The Heavenly Law

Chapter 2523: The Master Of The Heavenly Law

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She recalled how small he used to be when they first parted in the Devil Kingdom. He was only a few months old. Shortly after, he had grown up so quickly.

“Hao-Er!” Gu Xijiu lowered her body to give him a hug.

Di Hao waved his hands and clung onto her sleeves. “Mother,” he said while pulling her clothes. Gu Xijiu decided to squat and gently caressed his hair. “It has only been a few days! Look at how big you are! What kind of magic pill have you swallowed?”

Di Hao was quite embarrassed. “I did not take any pills. I have got this all from my parents,” he humbly explained.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

“Impressive genetics,” she thought. It was very similar to Di Fuyi.

“Who are your parents?” Gu Xijiu was eager to find out.

Di Hao looked at her with teary eyes as he said, “Mother, don’t you want me anymore?”

Gu Xijiu said nothing more, for she knew there was nothing she could get from him. She continued to observe the boy. He somewhat reminded her of Shen Nianmo when he was little. Could the child be the son that Di Fuyi never knew he had? However, she was also sure that Di Fuyi would never lie to her. He would never get into another relationship with another woman. If he really had a son, she would definitely be the mother.

The conflicting part was that she knew she had never given birth to any child. Nonetheless, some parts of her memory were lost. Everything about Huang Tu had been completely forgotten. She was quite sure that she had been married to Huang Tu, but after everything about him vanished, she mysteriously became a virgin again. Could he be the child she and Huang Tu once shared?

“Shouldn’t your surname be Huang?” Gu Xijiu immediately asked.

“No, my family name has always been and always will be Di,” The child was absolutely sure.

Gu Xijiu was a little lost.

Di Hao looked at her with big eyes and was somewhat delighted by her cluelessness. “Mother, stop trying to figure out my past. You will never get it right. You should just answer me.”

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrow at him. “What should I answer you? Celestial Master Zuo, Huang Tu, Shen Nianmo, and Di Fuyi are all the same man.”

“No, something about them is different. Think about it. If the woman he liked was your previous life, would you be comfortable with that?”

What about her previous life? Who was she in her last life? Gu Xijiu had never thought about it, so she did not know what to answer at first. Would she be comfortable with the fact that he was only nice to her because of their past?

Gu Xijiu thought about it and realized that she could not grasp the concept at all. She was a very realistic woman and was never eager to find out about what could have been. However, the child seemed rather serious about finding out her thoughts. Therefore, she felt the need to answer him.

She continued to rub the boy’s head and said, “My sweet child, you are too young to understand the things that only happen between adults. You should keep the complicated thought until the day you become a grown-up. However, I can be sure that if he liked me, I would not mind if the one he truly fell for was the woman in my previous or later life. After all, there is only one soul in different physical bodies. I do not care much about the physical stuff, and it is unnecessary to compete against myself.”

Her answer seemed profound, so Di Hao took some time to absorb it. All of a sudden, he smiled delightfully. “My mother is truly an insightful woman. I get it now.”