Chapter 2407 – An Abnormal Soul-Tracking Spell (3)

Chapter 2407: An Abnormal Soul-Tracking Spell (3)

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Finally, all of his clothes were removed. Di Fuyi’s body was undeniably well built. He looked fit without his clothes on. Although he was muscular, he was not too bulky either. Every inch of his strong muscles was perfectly shaped; even the most professional bodybuilder would not look half as good as he did.

Although they had slept together before, it was the first time that she removed his clothes. Gu Xijiu was embarrassed and excited at the same time. She tried very hard to ignore the strange feelings that crept up on her. Slowly, she entangled herself in his arms.

Gu Xijiu just had to curse the Firmament Stone for proposing such a ridiculous idea. However, she did as told and pulled him close. Their bodies were finally in contact with one another. She could feel his breaths very clearly against her skin. Although she knew she should not be feeling aroused, she could not help it.

Determined to proceed with the rescue, she stopped her mind from going places and focused on the steps that she should be taking. She did everything that the Firmament Stone had instructed her to do. Every step was accurate and correct.

When she was finally done, their bodies seemed to be attached like a pair of conjoined twins. Their legs were crossed together, and so were their arms. She held him tightly, just as instructed.

If others were to see them in this position, they would definitely think that they were conducting the ‘double physical and spiritual cultivation.’ Furthermore, from their sitting positions, she was the one who initiated it.

Before Gu Xijiu started the mission, she had already decided that once everything was over, she had to be the first one to wake up. She would then dress herself up in the fastest way that she could so that he would not see what they were actually doing. It would be an embarrassment if he did.

Gu Xijiu had made many assumptions about the situation that Di Fuyi might be trapped in. For example, she thought that he might be caught in a sea of flames or a siege surrounded by terrible beasts.

He could have been injured too, perhaps by a creature or person who was more powerful. She also assumed that he would be trapped with Yun Qingluo. Maybe this was Yun Yanli’s evil plan all the while, which led to an inevitable fight.

Di Fuyi possessed great Kung Fu, but he might not be as powerful as Yun Yanli right now. Fortunately, he was definitely smarter. She believed that he was able to orchestrate careful strategies and keep himself safe. Anyone that was able to dominate a fight with him must be someone or something extraordinary, and very unpredictable.

All in all, she had made many assumptions about the worst kind of situation that he might be in. She was well prepared to get herself involved in a fight between life and death.

Every possible scenario that she had conjured in her mind was the worst-case scenario. The path that guided her in was a visible mass of clouds. She had to go through many challenges to get near him at the end of the demanding course. To her utter surprise, she saw him sitting peacefully by a lake. It looked as if he was cultivating.

Gusts of wind blew by her face, immersing her with a pleasant scent of fresh, blossoming flowers. The scenery was as spectacular, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

From her point of view, the lake, the willows, the flowers, the greens, and the man had made up a beautiful painting in perfect tones and composition. She could not keep her eyes away.

Gu Xijiu gazed at him with her fists clenched. She thought that he had left his body behind to come here and meditate. This must be one of his common practices, as the two guardians had clearly told her that the Devil King would sometimes leave his physical body and wander around with his soul. There he was, sitting and cultivating. His incredible improvement must have something to do with his unique ways of practice.

He seemed at ease. As for her, she was embarrassed by all that she had been through to get here. She still could not get over the fact that they were naked. She started blaming the Firmament Stone for tricking her into saving him. It had made the situation sound way worse, keeping her in suspense. In the end, the situation was the direct opposite of what she thought it to be.