Chapter 2311 – Whose Child? (5)

Chapter 2311: Whose Child? (5)
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Gu Xijiu felt as though she was having a headache. “Devil King, you really misunderstood the situation. This child is not my son…”
The little doll held her neck and shouted, “Mom! You don’t want me anymore?”

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She wanted to throw this kid out! The baby then looked at Di Fuyi and asked curiously, “Is he, my father?”

“Hao Er, don’t simply make assumptions. He is not your father!” Gu Xijiu corrected him.

The little guy was well behaved. He answered, “Oh…” His arms on Gu Xijiu’s were even tighter now. “Mom, you came to the devil world to look for my dad, right? Where is my dad?”

Gu Xijiu’s headache was worse now. How could she answer his question? She had no idea who was his dad. All of a sudden, her arms suddenly went empty! The child was carried away by Di Fuyi. “Hey, I am your dad! You don’t have to look for me anymore.”

With big round eyes, the baby asked, “Are you, my dad? Are you? Mom doesn’t even recognize you.”

Di Fuyi smiled and responded confidently, “She will recognize me sooner or later.”

Gu Xijiu was speechless. Why would she recognize him? The little kid was not her son, anyway. This was much messier than Gu Xijiu had imagined.

The people around them were shocked too! Does the Devil King actually have a child?! Was this woman in front of him his lover? What about the princess?

Referring to the dialogue in the voice recorder spell, it sounded as though the Devil King had proposed to the princess, and was only waiting for her to agree. What was going on now?

Was this woman a secret lover of his from the outside world? Were they forced to be separated because of the poor relationship between humans and devils? It seems as though she came here with his child to look for him. However, the Devil King did not recognize her. The princess took this opportunity to get rid of Gu Xijiu and the kid but did not expect the king to arrive in time and finally accept the lady and their son.

The curious people in the crowd had already thought of the whole story. They all turned their eyes to Princess Yuanyuan for her confirmation. Yuanyuan looked pretty pale. She stood there and looked as though she was a statue. She looked a bit pitiful.

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh and tried to explain, “Devil King, you have really misunderstood! This child was adopted by me, and is not my actual son. Please return him to me. I still have other things to do. I have no time to fool around with you.”

Her ribs were still hurt. If she were not such a resilient person, she might have been rolling on the ground by now! She removed her disguise and just wanted to take the kid away and recover as soon as she could. The crowd noticed that the child’s appearance was similar to Gu Xijiu’s; there was also some similarity to Di Fuyi. It looked clear to everyone that he was their child.

Besides, he could already speak at the age of two to three months! He had to be the kid of someone very powerful. Di Fuyi answered casually, “You adopted him? You’re really good at adopting then! If that’s the case, then this child has nothing to do with you. I can’t return him to you. Since he can stay in the devil world without wearing special attire, it proves that he belongs in the devil world.”

“This child has excellent qualities. I will teach him personally, and I will be able to make him a top talent.”