Chapter 1852: A Relationship 4

"All of us are people with powers, so why does it matter if we have a beautiful shell? I only requested her to take off her mask because it is the rules here; I have no other intentions. I believe that no matter how she looks like, no one will judge her for that…"

Although he had been speaking up for Gu Xijiu, in his heart, he also thought that the reason for her wearing a mask must be due to her rather unpleasant-looking face…

Long Siye suddenly spoke. "She is not ugly at all! She is very beautiful!"

Princess Ya smirked and kept her silence. Her smirk was equivocal.

Gu Xijiu hesitated just now because she had been speaking to the Firmament Stone, asking it if there was actually such a rule in the Saha World. Once getting the confirmation that she needed, she was going to take off her mask.

She did not come to the place to throw troubles upon herself, and since she was all on her own, and they always said one should always blend into others' culture while staying with them, she did not intend to set herself up against the others. And, in fact, her face was not at all unpresentable…

She spoke nonchalantly, "Putting on a mask is only a habit, there is nothing unpresentable underneath." She raised her hand and took off the mask from her face, revealing herself. A sudden silence filled the air.

She was extremely beautiful! She had distinguished facial features, thick eyebrows, eyes like stars, and lips that were rather pale, but of a beautiful shape. With a head of black hair and her black robe, her perfect complexion was accentuated.

She had a cold aura, appearing like a flowing cloud high up in the sky, and making others eager, but afraid, to approach. She had a striking beauty, and all the men present were stunned! Naturally, they held their breath.

Yun Yanli's eyes lit up, and he was startled. Princess Ya's pretty face turned pale at the same time!

Her beauty was considered outstanding even in the Celestial Kingdom. It was unparalleled. Princess Ya was definitely embarrassed.

Princess Ya's two maidservants had retreated to the sides due to the awkwardness, so everyone's gaze went between Gu Xijiu and Princess Ya; subconsciously they were making comparisons. The result was embarrassing for Princess Ya...

Everyone fancied things being pretty, especially men. No matter what honorable position one was in, instinctively, one would adore beautiful women. Hence, all their gazes fell onto Gu Xijiu's face.

Although no one in the crowd said anything, Princess Ya was angered by what she saw. "This Miss Gu actually has a beautiful appearance, but that body figure…"

Princess Ya had a curvy body figure that was extremely appealing! Gu Xijiu was reluctant to heed her since she was not there to compare herself to her! Hence, she raised her hand and put the mask back on her face, and said with nonchalance, "Now I guess everything is alright? I bid my farewell." She turned and left.

The crowd was reluctant for her to leave. They had not had enough…

Princess Ya lost her esteem. She was resentful but did not dare to show it before Yun Yanli. Instead, she held onto Yun Yanli's hand. "I just brewed Puti wine; brother, would you like to taste it with me?"

"There is no need, little Ya. I have other matters in mind. You can have fun by yourself. I will taste your wine when I am free later." Yun Yanli pulled his hand away, turned, and left.