Chapter 1847: Becoming A Servant 4

"You will be assigned with good jobs. In fact, heaven is currently short of soldiers. Those of you with extraordinary Kung Fu can easily be promoted to become generals. If you cannot achieve a higher rank at the moment, you can work as servants temporarily to accumulate more experience. Things will flow smoothly. When the opportunity comes, you can become a general or even an officer."

"Why do you have to erase our memory?" A curious voice rose.

"It is to keep you focused while you grow."

"We know very well about the methods of cultivation and practice. With our memory erased, I am afraid that we will have to start from the very beginning, thus delaying our progress even more." A voice fought back.

The man in white was obviously responsible for them. He sighed, trying to find the words to explain himself.

"These are the rules in the Celestial Kingdom. Those who wish to stay must have their memory erased. If you are unhappy about it, you can go back to where you came from," Princess Ya interrupted scornfully.

The crowd was astonished. In fact, the threat was working as all of them worked hard to be here, so they were unwilling to leave just like that. Moreover, there was no way back to Earth. The square went into a dead silence. Princess Ya was happy that she was able to control the crowd. "Wherever you go, there will be rules. Now that you are here in the Celestial Kingdom, you surely have to obey the rules here. Don't worry; the Celestial Kingdom will not let go of any talents. Once you are strong enough, you will all become the pillars of our kingdom. The job of a servant is nothing difficult. Also, the Celestial Kingdom is rich in spiritual energy in every corner, so it is the perfect place for cultivation," Princess Ya continued icily.

Jing Er went along with the princess and said, "If you are not happy to have your memory erased, you are welcome to leave the Celestial Kingdom and proceed to the Devil or the Monster Kingdom. These places are full of dangers, with a minimal supply of spiritual power. With your level of cultivation, you cannot possibly survive. You will be torn apart by the monsters before you even start to improve yourself."

The master and her servant's words managed to catch their attention. All of them stood gazing at one another. They dared not fight back, even though they were not willing to become servants.

Gu Xijiu was currently unconcerned about anything else. She waited patiently for an answer from Long Siye. At the same time, she started to treat his wound with all the supplies that she had. She treated his injury quickly with the best quality of medicine. Shortly after, the bleeding stopped.

Jing Er was infuriated. She took a huge step forward and demanded, "We do not require your medical attention for our own servant!"

She wanted to take Long Siye back but was forced to retreat by a flash of seven-colored ray. Gu Xijiu was angry. "You..."

Long Siye looked at her fixedly. Unlike his usual quiet self, he responded, "Do we know each other?"

Gu Xijiu was delighted. "Do you recognize me now?"

Long Siye dismissed her hope. "I do not recall anything. However, the way you address me as Instructor Long sounds very special to me, like we have known each other for a while."

Gu Xijiu was a little disappointed, but she had to reassure him. "We do know each other. In fact, we were best friends on Earth. I did not know about the pain that you have to suffer here."

Long Siye heaved a sigh of relief and gave her a reassuring smile. "I trust you! I no longer wish to be a hostler. I will go with you."

Princess Ya's expression changed abruptly while Jing Er's eyes flashed with anger as she demanded, "Long Siye, the princess' residence is richly endowed with spiritual power. Once you leave, it is impossible to come back. Forget about being a hostler; you cannot even become a cleaner."