Chapter 213: Parting

Chapter 213: Parting

“Those who are cursed with this voodoo...there will be improvements in most of their abilities…” Lan Ling said with a blush.

Yi?” Yang Ming found the words by Lan Ling rather intriguing. What? There’s an improvement of my abilities in this aspect? Isn't that great? I was wondering about the reason for the advancement of my abilities. I thought it was the result of disciplined training by kicking a tree every morning. Unexpectedly, the voodoo is the cause!

“What's the problem with that? Hehe, at last, don't you enjoy it?” Yang Ming smirked. He thought to himself, It seems my goal to have a harem is possible to achieve!

Yang Ming was a realistic person. He never planned for an idealistic life. Even though he would read about the story of the main character having a harem, and he sided with such a story, he never imagined that having a harem would be an easy thing. Firstly, having all of his wives together was a big issue. Nowadays, every girl had their own stance. Who would be stupid enough to share a husband? Of course, money could get you mistresses, but Yang Ming didn’t want relationships like those. He thought the key element for couples going together was affection. Having a girl’s love was fun.

“But… you don’t understand…” Lan Ling shook her head. Is it the reason that this little loli allowed me to have another wife? Uhm! It seems so...

“What’s with your expression? I’m… talking about the fact…” Lan Ling noticed Yang Ming’s weird expression which she found strange.

“Not really, please continue…” Yang Ming quickly said.

“In fact, the work of the voodoo goes like this… It is quite evil. Those who are cursed with this voodoo has an increase in that ability. With that, one female is not enough to satisfy him. Hence, he couldn’t help but look for other women… My grandmother said men are creatures who liked the new and forgot about the old. Being enamored with new love, he would soon forget his old love. During that time, the voodoo will be activated…” Lan Ling explained.

Yang Ming was scared, “Really? With your words, isn’t this voodoo designed to hurt someone? It isn’t used to punish the unfaithful man but to make a man unfaithful?”

Uhm…” Lan Ling slightly nodded. “You can put that in such a way… So, I’m sorry, Yang Ming. I didn’t mean to hurt you intentionally. I didn’t know the truth beforehand…”

“Forget about it. It isn’t a big deal…” Yang Ming waved his hand. He thought to himself, Fortunately, I am not a man who is bored with the old love, rather a good man who loved the old one more with a new love! “But, with that, isn’t your mother hurting you?”

“Actually, my mother had a bitter life…” Lan Ling shook her head and sighed. “In the past, my mother had given up on my dad once she saw how my dad was addicted to gambling. So, she sought an expert to learn such a voodoo.

She wanted to use it to punish my dad. In the end, she couldn’t commit to it. Deep down in her heart, she still loved my father. In my grandmother’s words, this was the bitter story of a woman. Even though you hated someone so much, you would realize in the end that you couldn’t let go of him. Even though my mother loved my dad, she had no hope for the man anymore. She didn’t want me to follow her path, so she put the voodoo on me…”

“What?” Yang Ming was stunned. He said in an angry tone, “How can a mother do that? Isn’t she hurting you? There’s no such mother who will hurt their child! Did she think about it? If you managed to have your true love, but this voodoo leads too… Then, isn’t she hurting you with her own hands?”

“Yang Ming, stop talking bad about my mother… At that time, she was a bit extreme and stubborn…” Lan Ling shook her head but she smiled, “However, it was God’s blessing that I met you! In other words, this is our destiny!”

“It seems you are right. A good man like me who isn’t bored with the old is rare!” Yang Ming nodded his head.

“Not even a slight of embarrassment!” Lan Ling snorted coldly. “If it wasn't for the voodoo, did you think I would be so indulgent?”

Haha…” Yang Ming was delighted. What is the definition of blessing in disguise? I’m the classic example! In my past, most of the good things happened after a disaster. I went into the detention hall but got acquainted with the King of Assassins, Fang Tian!

Ha, dear God, please bless me with more disasters! Yang Ming couldn’t help but start to fantasize. In fact, his upcoming disaster was approaching his doorstep without fantasizing about it!

Chen Mengyan didn’t know how she made her way back to her dormitory. Once she entered, she buried her head into the bed.


“When are you leaving?” Since it had gotten quite late, Yang Ming needed to face Lan Ling’s departure soon.

“In the morning… my grandmother will look for me.” Lan Ling said bitterly.

“Can I see you off?” asked Yang Ming.

“No… I’m afraid I will miss you…” Lan Ling shook her head.

“It’s still early. Let’s sleep a bit. We didn’t sleep last night.” Yang Ming hugged Lan Ling tightly.

Uhm, hug me while I sleep.” Lan Ling snuggled into Yang Min’s embrace.

It was a high-intensity activity just now. It made Yang Ming sleepy. Yang Ming went into sleep in a dizzy manner ...

Once he woke up, he realized Lan Ling who was beside him was no longer there… Lan Ling had left quietly without Yang Ming knowing it. Beside the pillow, there was a paper note. She must have left it.

Yang Ming slowly opened the letter. An obvious trace of tears remained on it. Some of it hadn’t even dried yet. It seemed Lan Ling hadn’t left too long ago.

However, Yang Ming didn’t plan to look for her. The reason was that there was no meaning behind it. Lan Ling had to leave with her grandmother because of an important matter. It was inconvenient for him to meddle. Also, he couldn’t meddle with it. After all, rationality wins all.

“Dear husband:
Even though I never addressed you in such a way, in my heart, you are already my husband.
Looking at your smiling face in deep sleep, I just couldn’t bear to wake you up. I am leaving. Please don’t miss me anymore. I will come back soon.
Ling Ling just hopes that during the time I’m not here that you don’t forget about me.”
Your love, Ling Ling,”

The letter was short, but the words between the lines contained the deep emotions of Lan Ling.

Yang Ming carefully kept the letter. He crawled out of the bed. Lan Ling didn’t take away most of the things they bought in Song Jiang City. She only took some clothes and her laptop. Yang Ming smiled plainly. It seems this little loli will contact me.

Yang Ming already registered a QQ account for Lan Ling beforehand. With that, the both of them could contact each other easily.

Yang Ming tidied up the house and locked it before leaving. It seemed he would not return here during this period of time.

Even though Yang Ming woke up late, he didn’t give up on his training. However, his practice time for today was slightly shorter.

After his breakfast at the cafeteria, he returned to his dorm. He noticed Tian Donghua brushing his teeth and asked, “Where is that little fellow, Zhang Bing?”

Damn, both of you value hoes before bros. You let me stay alone in the dorm!” Tian Donghua threw a complaining glance at Yang Ming.

Damn.” Yang Ming was irritated. “You little fellow, it isn’t hard to get a girl. There’s a Golden Sea Spa not far away from the university where you can look for girls.”

Haiz! Hoes aren’t meaningful. I want to be like you and Zhang Bing, to be able to look for a girlfriend.” Tian Donghua sighed. “Is it that I can’t get a female’s attention?”

“You always stay at home with your laptop. Who would notice you?” Yang Ming scolded, “Since the first day of college, did you go to any class?”

“It seems true. Let’s go. I will accompany you to class,” said Tian Donghua.

Damn, you are from the second year. Why are you hanging around a freshman like me?” Yang Ming was stunned.