Chapter 1924: He must’ve taken a fancy to my mom!

"Right right right!" Big Dipper hastily walked forward and freed the woman.

"Mom, what happened to you? Weren't you recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car? What's going on?" Big Dipper looked flabbergasted.

His mom was just a normal person, so why did the Martial Arts Union abduct his mom?!

"Mom... Don't tell me... That old fart Jin... took a fancy to you?!" Big Dipper's face was brimming with worry.

The woman looked at bit weak right now. She glanced at Big Dipper but didn't say anything.

"Enough talking. Everything can wait until we get back!" Third Elder interjected.

"See if there's any tracking or location device on the car! If there are, dismantle them all and hide the trucks!" Second Elder commanded.

Soon, the group hid the three trucks in an extremely covert spot before returning to the Fearless Alliance.

Inside Ye Wanwan's office at the Fearless Alliance headquarters:

Ye Wanwan had just taken a sip of water when Big Dipper helped his mother inside the office.

Ye Wanwan was confused. What_s going on?

"This is my mom, Sis Feng!" Big Dipper explained quickly.

"Eh..." Ye Wanwan was even more bewildered after Big Dipper's introduction. Why did Big Dipper bring his mom here? "Hello, auntie," Ye Wanwan greeted the woman with a smile.

The woman nodded slightly in response.

"Sis Feng, you have to give justice to my mom! She was abducted by that Old Fart Jin and hidden in the truck! That d*mn old geezer must've taken a fancy to my mom!" Big Dipper was enraged. "That b*stardly Martial Arts Union poses as righteous people but they actually conduct this kind of shady sh*t! I'll f*ck them and 18 generations of their ancestors!"

"Watch your mouth." The woman shot Big Dipper a look.

Ye Wanwan:This is rather weird!

"Mom, this is my boss, the President of the Fearless Alliance!" Big Dipper introduced her to his mom.

"En." The woman nodded at Ye Wanwan. "Thank you for taking care of Big Dipper all this time."

"As I should," Ye Wanwan replied.

Then Ye Wanwan asked curiously, "Oh right, auntie, why did the Martial Arts Union capture you?"

She could understand it if the Martial Arts Union captured Big Dipper, but they captured Big Dipper's mother...

"Um, maybe there was some misunderstanding? I'm not sure myself," the woman answered weakly.

A second later, from the corner of her eyes, the woman caught sight of the ring on Ye Wanwan's finger, and an indescribable shock surfaced in her eyes.

"Big Dipper, I have something to do, so take good care of auntie."

Ye Wanwan marched out of the office after leaving those instructions behind.

When Ye Wanwan and her group came back, they imprisoned Elder Jin in one of the Fearless Alliance's secret bases instead of their headquarters.

When Ye Wanwan arrived at the secret base with a few people in tow, she was met with the sight of Elder Jin and the two middle-aged men bound in iron chains.

"Go outside," Ye Wanwan ordered the hall masters.


The hall masters immediately exited, leaving Ye Wanwan behind on her own.

After they left, Ye Wanwan turned to the madly-struggling Elder Jin with a grin. "Elder Jin, I think it's time for a nice conversation between us."

"What the heck do you want, Bai Feng?! I'm telling you—you're brazenly provoking the Martial Arts Union like this! Do you really plan to become enemies with the Martial Arts Union?" Elder Jin shouted coldly at her.