Chapter 1844: 1844 Actually married

1844 Actually married

This indifferent voice took everyone by surprise.

A second later, dozens of well-trained men wearing tight-fitting windbreakers rushed into the Si residence.

At the very front was a man in a black suit walking slowly. His aloof eyes swept across everyone, as though he was a king who walked out from the night.

His perpetual unfazed expression evoked fury and rage from everyone in the Si family.

Qin Ruoxi’s eyes glinted coldly. This man was back…

“Si Yehan …”

Xu Yi was overjoyed with excitement at seeing Si Yehan. Ninth Master, who had been missing for several months, had finally returned to the Si family… He knew that there was no way anything could’ve happened to Ninth Master!

At that same moment, a Si family hidden guard swiftly walked toward the captain of the hidden guards and said something.

The captain’s expression shifted, and he hastily walked toward Eleven and whispered, “Mr. Eric, Si Yehan broke through the Si residence’s defense… Most of our offensive power has been captured…”

An icy emotion surfaced in Eleven’s eyes.

In her spot, Ye Wanwan pensively surveyed Si Yehan. Didn’t Si Yehan tell her he had something to take care of and needed to leave China first? So why did he come to the Si residence at a time like this…

It didn’t require much thought to realize that if Si Yehan was Lord Asura, then there had to be numerous spies around the Si residence. Otherwise, Si Yehan absolutely wouldn’t have gotten news of her trouble as soon as it happened and rushed to the Si residence in such a short amount of time.

“Ahahaha, ugly freak, long time no see! How are you?” Lin Que walked toward Ye Wanwan from Si Yehan’s side and greeted her with a laugh.

“D*mn! Don’t you freaking know how to talk? Who are you calling ugly freak?” Big Dipper coldly rebuked him.

“Eh…” Lin Que was a bit embarrassed and could only laugh awkwardly before correcting himself. “I was wrong… Ninth Sister…”

Before Ye Wanwan could respond, Si Yehan calmly ordered, “Lin Que… Escort them out of the Si residence.”

“Understood, Ninth Brother.”

Lin Que looked at Ye Wanwan again. “Ninth Sister, I’ll take you out first. Let Ninth Brother handle the Si family’s situation.”

“Let Si Yehan handle it himself?” Ye Wanwan turned to Si Yehan. “Why?”

Si Yehan’s gaze landed on Ye Wanwan. The iciness disappeared and was replaced by an unusual gentleness. “It’s unrelated to you, so there’s no need for you to walk into this pool of muddy water.”

“Unrelated to me…? How soYe Wanwan_s mouth curled up into an inscrutable smirk. “Am I not your wife…? Since we’re married already, your business is my business. What’s there to separate between us?”

Si Yehan previously told her it was because they were married that the ancient Si clan of the Independent State hunted them down. According to Si Yehan’s explanation, they were legitimately married, so they should naturally share both fortune and misfortune as husband and wife.

“W-what the heck?!”

Big Dipper looked at Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan in shock. “D*mn… Married? Since when?! Why didn’t I know this?”