Chapter 997: He Didn※t Take Advantage of the Situation 1

"Dare I ask Mrs. Qin, could you do the same? If Qin Chu does not make it today, would you be willing to die with him?"

Mrs. Qin bit her lip and refused to speak; clearly, she was lacking confidence#

Jiang Xiaowei looked at Song Yishi and asked, "Could you? Yeah? If Qin Chu died here today, would you be willing to be cremated with him?"

Song Yishi fearfully took a few steps back and hid behind Mrs. Song.

"Chairman Qin, would you? Would you go to such lengths for your son and die together with him?" Jiang Xiaowei then questioned Qin Yumin.

Qin Yumin shook his head...

He couldn't. It was not that he did not love his son, but he still had GK and needed to take care of his wife.

All in all, he had too many concerns#
Jiang Xiaowei screamed angrily, "None of you can do it, right? Then you should all shut the f*ck up# None of you have the right to talk bad about Huo Mian, since she can do what none of you can. Don't say that she doesn't have her concerns; she has her mother, brother, friends, a job she loves, and the food she likes. She likes living in this world too, but for her, Qin Chu is more important than anything."

"Xiaowei#be careful, you're pregnant," Wei Liao reminded.

"Get out of the way#" Jiang Xiaowei was so furious that she didn't even care about Wei Liao.

She was so mad; she was still drowned in sadness by what happened before Huo Mian went into the OR, but these people were already talking behind her back...

Life is the most precious thing on Earth, but Huo Mian was willing to give that up for Qin Chu#

This was something even Qin Chu's parents couldn't do.

"From now on, until the operation ends, if anyone talks bad about Huo Mian again, I will tear their mouth apart, and I mean it,"

Jiang Xiaowei threatened#

Everyone was silent#

Mrs. Qin could no longer act arrogantly, she turned around and did not speak a word.

Song Yishi also stopped speaking and hid behind her parents.

Everyone was afraid of death.

Huo Mian was also afraid of death, but she was more afraid of losing Qin Chu.

Jiang Xiaowei's outburst controlled the situation.

Zhu Lingling sneaked to her side and said in a low voice, "You're amazing, I think I'm in love with you."
She even secretly gave her a thumbs up; Zhu Lingling would never be able to say what Jiang Xiaowei just said, because she was not as domineering as Jiang Xiaowei...

After Jiang Xiaowei's outburst, Su Yu also stopped causing trouble#
The only thing he could do now was to wait and pray that Huo Mian and Qin Chu could come out safely.

He hoped he could see Huo Mian walk out safely, instead of seeing two corpses being rolled out.

- Inside the patient room -

Huo Mian slowly pushed Qin Chu out of the patient room from a hidden door.

Looking at Qin Chu's pale face, Huo Mian suddenly felt fearless.

She was happy to be together with Qin Chu, even if it were like this#

"Don't worry about losing me, I will forever be with you. Today, if you live, I live. If you die, I will die with you."

After speaking, Huo Mian leaned down to gently kiss Qin Chu on the forehead#

Then, she pushed him into the OR.

"Dr. Huo, you can change into your scrubs and start sterilizing, we can start now," Dr. Xu reminded.

Huo Mian nodded, and she started preparing for the operation.

She was the lead surgeon today, the assistant surgeons were Dr. Feng and Dr. Xu. They were assisted by four skilled assistants.

Huo Mian looked at the sparkling cold scalpel in her hand#

She thought, if Qin Chu was declared brain dead after the surgery, she would immediately pierce her heart with the scalpel.

For someone like her who studied medicine, she knew all too well where to stab to take her own life#

After preparing everything, she slowly walked to the operating table.

"Let's start," Dr. Feng announced.

The hand that Huo Mian was holding the scalpel with began to tremble#

She never thought that she would one day operate on the man she deeply loved. The pressure was enormous.