Chapter 996: Huo Mian※s a Crybaby 10

Before anyone could react, Huo Mian walked straight into Qin Chu's room and locked the door from within. His room had a passage that allowed her to reach the surgery room directly, without any external interferences.

Outside in the hallway, everyone was stunned by what Huo Mian just said...

Both Huo Siqian and Su Yu's faces had turned especially pale. Smart as they were, they never made the assumption that Huo Mian had already prepared for the worst 每 she was prepared to live and die with Qin Chu.

It was just then that Su Yu made the connection and understood why she spoke the way she did last night. No wonder she was so tender to him last night, she was preparing for the worst outcome and tending to her matters.

None of them ever thought that Huo Mian would decide to perform surgery on Qin Chu. In disbelief, Su Yu ran towards Qin Chu's room and pounded on the door.

"Huo Mian! Get the f*ck out of there! Explain to me right now."

"Su Yu, calm down," Wei Liao tried to convince him gently.

"How can I calm down? She's going to kill herself if Qin Chu dies."

"Don't say that, nothing is going to happen to Qin Chu," Song Yishi complained immediately, agitated by Su Yu's words.

"Shut the f*ck up." Su Yu snapped his head back and glared at her. If Song Yishi was a guy, he would have already beaten her up.
Seeing the situation, Mayor Song pulled on Song Yishi gently. "Yishi, stay quiet," he advised.

As she observed Su Yu, Song Yishi pressed her lips together and stumbled back a couple of steps with fear creeping up her eyes.

Huo Siqian, his face as pale as a ghost, leaned heavily against the wall, as if it was the only thing that was propping him up.

How could she make such a decision without any signs? What's more, she didn't reveal anything to him in advance. He wasn't even given a chance to say goodbye. If Qin Chu's operation really goes south, then perhaps that was the last time he will ever see her alive. Huo Mian was as stubborn as an ox. She meant what she said, and she would really act on it.

Suddenly, Huo Siqian felt like he was being suffocated by waves of regret. He shouldn't have believed what the nurse said last night when he came to visit Huo Mian. He should have gone in and checked up on her. If he noticed anything out of the norm, he would have tried everything to stop her 每 even if it meant having her tied up. If only he knew, he would never have allowed her to take such a risk.

The success rate of Qin Chu's surgery was less than thirty percent. This also meant Huo Mian's chance of living past today was less than thirty percent. The thought was driving him insane. He hadn't really hoped for Qin Chu to wake up, but things were different now, because Huo Mian was involved.

He had no other choice but to pray for Qin Chu. After all, he didn't want to lose Huo Mian.
"What is this?! How can that woman just walk in like that? Open the door! Is she the devil? How could she forbid us from seeing our son! I'll beat the shit out of her when she comes out!" Mrs. Qin was still yelling nonsense, as if she didn't understand the situation. 

Jiang Xiaowei furrowed her brows, walked over, and pointed at Mrs. Qin's nose. "Shut up."

"Who are you talking to?" Mrs. Qin's face fired up with rage.

"That's right, I'm talking to you! Do you really think Huo Mian is afraid of you? It's merely because you are Qin Chu's mother, that's why she even bothers to tolerate you. And you? Practically reaching for a yard after being given an inch! Do you understand the situation right now? There's a seventy percent chance that your son won't wake up, and you are here cursing Huo Mian? You are the world's worst mother-in-law, you damn old hag. You're exactly the type of person who spends her life complaining about everything and will never be happy for a second."

"Who the hell are you to speak to me that way? So what if I cursed Huo Mian? How is that any of your business?" Mrs. Qin raised her voice another level, clearly accepting the challenge for a fight.

This was already their second fight. They had never seen eye to eye with each other the moment they saw each other. Clearly, both had been holding in their rage and was finally starting to steam off. 

Jiang Xiaowei continued, with much hastiness in her voice, "This is a question for everyone here today 每 if Qin Chu died, Huo Mian is willing to die with him, can any of you here do the same? If you can, step up and swear by it. Forget Huo Mian, I, Jiang Xiaowei, will personally kneel to the ground and admit to you that I was wrong."

The crowd went silent as soon as Jiang Xiaowei finished speaking...