Chapter 994: Huo Mian※s a Crybaby 8

"What kind of joke is that, are you kidding me?" Dr. Feng was an experienced doctor, but he had never witnessed such absurdity, in which the patient's family wanted to be the lead surgeon for her husband's operation.

"Dr. Feng, our Huo Mian's a doctor too," Dr. Xu reminded him.

"I know, but isn't she from the neurology department?" The old man seemed quite mad.

"It's true that she's in the neurology department, but when she did the doctor exam, many departments wanted her due to her gift in medicine. She graduated from medical school with a degree in nursing. However, she excelled in optometry, gynecology, rheumatology, neurosurgery, and studied many types of neurological disorders# Director Wu would never choose the wrong person."

Director Wu glanced at Professor Feng and said, "I'm afraid that you won't understand, no matter how much we say. I'll just say that Huo Mian's a rare medical genius# At least in my lifetime, I've never seen such an excellent doctor. I've witnessed her perform two difficult surgeries and save those patients from the grim reaper."

Director Wu was talking about the pregnant patient who suffered from a hemorrhage and when Wu Xiaoxue was in a car accident.

Huo Mian performed those two surgeries, and they were both very successful.

Although Director Wu was surprised at Huo Mian's request, he believed in her abilities.

Dr. Feng, on the other hand, wasn't a doctor hired by Director Wu, so he wasn't aware of Huo Mian's accomplishments.

"But# This is a mess, we're not a hundred percent sure ourselves, so how could a girl like her do it?" Professor Feng was reluctant due to her age. No matter how good she was, she was still a young woman. How could she perform such a difficult surgery?

"Dr. Feng, I hope that you can let me try. I don't want to risk my husband's life either. Since the success rate is less than thirty percent for all of us, I would be more assured if I did it. I want to do this for him."

"But Dr. Huo, you might be going into the surgery with personal emotions. That's what I'm worried about the most." Dr. Xu was a little worried as well.

There was an incident in the hospital where a male doctor operated on his wife, who was in a car accident. It was because of his mental breakdown that the surgery was unsuccessful. The wife died on the operating table and the doctor quit the profession.

After all, Huo Mian would be operating on someone she loved, so maybe her mental state wouldn't be as intact as she normally was.

"I won't, believe me."

Huo Mian didn't say much, but she was extremely determined.

Dr. Feng was against it, but after ten minutes of discussion with Director Wu, he finally reluctantly agreed.

Director Wu took the surgical risk agreement from his assistant and handed it over.

"Huo Mian, take a look. If you have no problem with it, sign here."


Huo Mian took the contract, looked it over briefly before picking up a black ballpen and signing it. She even fingerprinted it.

"Then we should leave now," Dr. Feng rose and said.

The others went into the disinfection chambers to prep for surgery. Huo Mian, on the other hand, walked to Qin Chu's room with her white lab coat on.

She wanted to look at him...

Qin Chu's room was surrounded by people, Su Yu, Huo Siqian, Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling, Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Liao, Qin Chu's parents, Song Yishi, and her parents were all present.

When Huo Mian appeared, everybody looked towards her.

"Huo Mian, what did you decide?" Gao Ran asked.

"Surgery will officially begin in half an hour."

"What? Who allowed it to happen, didn't they say that the success rate was less than thirty percent? Do you want to kill my son?" Mrs. Qin went into a crazed state as soon as she heard what Huo Mian said.

"I didn't want it, I had no other choice..." With red eyes, Huo Mian looked at Mrs. Qin.

"What do you mean you had no other choice, stop taking advantage of the situation. I bet my money that you're just trying to kill my son and take our fortune for yourself# You cold-hearted woman."

Huo Mian didn't want to pay any more attention to Mrs. Qin, she turned around and said to everyone else, "In half an hour, I will be entering the operating room as the lead surgeon for Qin Chu's surgery."

After Huo Mian said that, everyone was shocked again...

"How could you make such a selfish decision, are you a hundred percent sure that you'll succeed? What if it fails? You're messing around#" This time, even Qin Yumin couldn't hold it in. He thought that Huo Mian was messing around, how could a young woman like her perform a surgery that even top-notch doctors were unsure of, was she really trying to kill Qin Chu?

"Huo Mian# calm down." Gao Ran and the others panicked as well, they didn't know what was up with her.