Chapter 993: Huo Mian※s a Crybaby 7

"It's just for instance."

"That instance doesn't exist, you'll live to be a hundred years old. I'll have to take care of you then, although I'll be seventy-five when you're eighty. The thing that'll never change is how much I love you," Zhixin humorously said.

"Mhm, then I have nothing else to say. You should go back to sleep, I have to go home."

"Okay, good night Sis."

Zhixin unknowingly hung up the call. Huo Mian, on the other hand, started crying again by the community gates...

Today, Huo Mian turned into a crybaby. The old her rarely shed tears because her personality was quite cold and distant.

However, for some reason today, she felt grateful for all the people by her side.

Zhixin, Mom, Lingling, Xiaowei, she had both family and friends.

These things gave her warmth that no amount of money could buy...

She wanted to call Xiaowei and Lingling, but Xiaowei was too smart. Huo Mian was afraid that she would become suspicious and mess up her plans for tomorrow.

As for Lingling, she took care of Huo Mian last night and was probably already asleep. Huo Mian didn't want to bother her.

Half an hour later, Huo Mian stood up and wiped off her tears. She called a cab back to South Side.

"Dr. Huo, you're back." The nurse calmed down upon seeing Huo Mian come back.

"Mhm, did anyone look for me?"

"Yea, Director Wu and President Huo."

"President Huo?"

"President Huo Siqian."

"Oh, what did they say?"

"Nothing, I told them that you were already asleep, so they didn't come in."

"That's good."

Huo Mian opened the door, went into her room, and changed into her patient's gown. Then, she crawled obediently onto the bed.

"I am going to check your temperature and take your blood, Dr. Huo."

"Okay." Huo Mian sat still and let the assistant do whatever she wanted.

Then, she didn't think about anything else that night and went into deep sleep. She was determined to get all the rest she could.

- The next morning -

Huo Mian woke up at six in the morning. After washing up in the washroom, she took out some ladies' cigarettes that she got from the downstairs convenience store.

They were thin, mint-flavored cigarettes.

Zhixin knew about this, she didn't like to smoke, she only did it when she was under great stress and had no idea what to do.

She leaned on the washroom wall and smoked cigarette after cigarette. She finished at least half a box...

However, she didn't speak a word, nor did she cry. In her eyes were calmness and determination that she never had before.

She smoked until she heard knocking sounds, so she brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth before leaving the bathroom.

"Dr. Huo, Director Wu, and the others want to see you in the conference room."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded.

She brought along the milk and eggs that her assistant had prepared for her. She drank while walking.

When she got to the conference room, she had finished both the milk and egg.

Today, she looked more energized than ever...

"Director Wu, Dr. Feng, Dr. Xu." She walked in with a smile on her face.

"Huo Mian, sit."

"Mhm." Huo Mian nodded and sat across from the three authoritative figures.

"Did you think it through? Do you want the surgery? If you agree and sign, we can start in an hour."

"I agree," Huo Mian calmly said those two words.

Director Wu nodded, he knew that Huo Mian would eventually agree to the operation.

After all, if they don't take out the bullet, they faced the danger of Qin Chu dying any time. It didn't matter if they acted bravely or cowardly, the results were all the same.

They should just be quick with it, although the possibility was low, everybody would be happy if the surgery was successful.

"Director Wu, I have a condition," Huo Mian added.

"Okay, tell me."

Scanning the aged faces of the three men, Huo Mian said in all seriousness, "I want to take part in the operation, and I want to be the lead surgeon."

"What?" Director Wu was completely shocked.

The other two men were no better# It was completely out of their expectations that Huo Mian would pose such a shocking request.

Did this twenty-four-year-old young woman just say that she wanted to be a part of the surgery, and even be the lead surgeon?