Chapter 991: Huo Mian※s a Crybaby 5

Because her mother was great at cooking, Huo Mian rarely cooked. Now that she was cooking, Yang Meirong felt incredibly comforted by her daughter's gesture.

She sat on the couch eating sunflower seeds and watching TV shows. For some reason, hints of warmth crept into her heart.

Although Yang Meirong missed Zhixin, she knew that Zhixin was safe in New Zealand, so she didn't worry about him.

The only thing worrying Yang Meirong now was that Huo Mian was still not pregnant# Her mind was constantly filled with the thought of this.

Huo Mian was good at making dumplings, and she quickly made forty white dumplings.

Then, she boiled water and put the dumplings in the pot...

Yang Meirong was worried about her daughter, so she walked into the kitchen and watched her from behind.

"Mom, why are you here again, I said that I don't need you." Huo Mian laughed, trying to conceal the sadness in her eyes.

"I'm worried that you might mess up."

"No way."

"You know how to cook them, right?" still unsure, Yang Meirong frequently looked into the boiling pot.

"I know, you've taught me many times. Lid off to cook the skin and lid on to cook the filling."

Only then did Yang Meirong nod, somewhat convinced by her daughter's skills...

Ten or so minutes later, Huo Mian placed two plates of steaming dumplings onto the table.

"Mom# dinner's ready."

Yang Meirong washed her hands and silently sat down with her daughter...

"I wish Zhixin were home," Huo Mian suddenly said, a little depressed.

"Zhixin? If he's home, we would have had to make thirty more, okay?" Yang Meirong smiled.

Huo Mian helped her mom make some garlic sauce and put a dumpling in her bowl.

"Mom, try this. Give it a good review."

Yang Meirong lowered her head and bit it gently, then, she slowly chewed.

"How is it? How is it?" Huo Mian quirkily asked.

"Mhm, it's okay."

After hearing that, Huo Mian smiled. She knew that her mother didn't like to compliment others, as long as she said it was okay, or it wasn't bad, it meant that she liked it.

"You need to eat more too. You don't look good, have you been too tired lately?"

Yang Meirong looked at her daughter heartachingly...

"No, everything's been good." Huo Mian lowered her head and ate slowly. The truth was, her heart was in great pain.

She really wanted to tell her mother that she wasn't her biological daughter, but she thought that it would be too cruel.

It would be better if she didn't tell her mother. If she didn't survive tomorrow, then that secret would be buried forever, right?

Thinking about that made Huo Mian look up and smile at Yang Meirong with tears in her eyes.

"Mom, I love you so much."

"Kid, why are you so emotional all of a sudden?" Yang Meirong thought that Huo Mian was behaving really weirdly today.

But she couldn't tell what was wrong exactly. She looked fine and didn't have any injuries on her body.

"Nothing, I just want to tell you that I love you." Huo Mian held in her tears and tried her hardest to smile.

"Right, you went traveling. Did Qin Chu go too?" Yang Meirong suddenly asked.

Hearing Qin Chu's name made Huo Mian's hands shake a little.

"He# He didn't go with me, he's pretty busy with work."

"No matter how busy you are, you have to take care of your body# Also, don't think that I am annoying, but remember to take your Chinese medicine, fix your body, and have kids as soon as possible."

"I know, Mom," Huo Mian lowered her head even more, scared that she couldn't control her tears.

At this moment, her mother's nagging seemed like a luxury...

If possible, she wanted to listen to her mom nag her and Zhixin forever...

Because nagging was a form of love. Those who didn't care about you wouldn't repeat the same things, over and over again.

After having dinner with her mother, Huo Mian washed all the dishes. Then, she helped her mom clean the living room too.

It was already eight thirty at night when she finished...

"Mom, I am leaving."

"Mhm, go home. Qin Chu's probably bored at home. You guys need to be good to each other."

"Mhm." Huo Mian obediently nodded.

When Yang Meirong saw Huo Mian out, Huo Mian suddenly turned around and hugged her mother.