Chapter 99: Genius

At that crucial moment, Huo Mian grabbed a porcelain pen holder from the desk behind her and smashed it on Ning Zhiyuan's head.

With a crashing sound, Ning Zhiyuan's movements came to a violent pause; his entire body froze.

Taking advantage of his momentary confusion, Huo Mian escaped from his grasp and fled away from him.

"Mian, did you actually… hit me?" Ning Zhiyuan laughed coldly, with a furious look in his eyes.

"Everything happened because of you, Zhiyuan. There... was no love between us, so there isn't any hate either. You've treated me with great kindness over the past few years, and I don't owe you anything as I have done my best to repay you."

"You don't owe me anything? Huo Mian, when I was trying to win you over, I bought you a lot of things. Wasn't I the one who made sure you weren't cold and were well looked after? How can you say these things? Don't you have a conscience, huh? Did a dog eat it, you ungrateful woman?" Ning Zhiyuan covered his swollen forehead, sneering sinisterly.

Huo Mian maintained her calm demeanor, the gaze with which she used to look at Ning Zhiyuan was now complicated, with an additional hint of sympathy.

"True, you did buy me a lot of things back then, but the combined cost of all those things was probably less than 30,000 yuan. I gave you the 60,000 I had saved up for you to use as the down payment for the apartment. The apartment was purchased under your name alone, and since I don't want that money anymore, you can just call it even. In the end, who do you think really owes the other?"

"Fine, so even if you don't owe me from a monetary perspective, what about emotionally? Can you put a monetary value on that? Can you make up for all the emotional effort I've given these years?" Ning Zhiyuan roared.

Huo Mian smiled faintly after hearing his words.

"Zhiyuan, given how long we've known each other, you should know that I'm not a calculating person. But since you've brought this up, I might as well speak the truth. Honestly, you've been very good to me these past few years, but I haven't treated you poorly either. I often visited your parents, and when your relatives came to the hospital for treatment, not only did I pull connections to get them hospital rooms, I also watched and took care of them through the night. All this was for you, and most importantly… Ning Zhiyuan, I'm asking you, if you didn't have me, would you be as accomplished as you are today? Do you think you would have successfully become a doctor at the First Hospital?"

"You… what do you mean?" Ning Zhiyuan clearly felt guilty.

"My point is obvious. With your grades, you never would've graduated from medical school. I was the one who wrote your thesis, and because your thesis on techniques in ophthalmology was outstanding, the First Hospital's Ophthalmology Department made an exception and accepted you. And even after that, for all these years that you've been on the job, every time you had to write a thesis or report, I was the one who wrote it for you. Isn't all that enough? Tell me, at this moment, what do I owe you?"

After Ning Zhiyuan finished listening to Huo Mian speak, he was rendered speechless…

If Huo Mian hadn't reminded him, he would have almost fooled himself into thinking that he was an exceptional ophthalmologist.

But everything was done by Huo Mian on his behalf, as his grades during medical school were very mediocre.

Back then, when it was close to graduation, he felt too stressed out and frequently ditched class to go gaming with his roommates.

In the end, he almost couldn't graduate. Even the most important component in his graduation, his thesis, was written by Huo Mian.

And because of that exceptionally-well-written thesis, he was given the opportunity to work at the First Hospital.

Since then, whenever the hospital conducted employee evaluations, he would get Huo Mian to help him prepare for them.

He had enjoyed the results, feeling as if his reputation of being a genius doctor was justified. However, was he really the genius?

Of course not, someone else was the genius, but the other people didn't know that.

"So what do you want? Are you going to report me to the hospital? No one will believe it, after all… there's no evidence," Ning Zhiyuan said smugly.

Huo Mian's eyes filled with disappointment after hearing what he said. She didn't know that one could turn so despicable after a breakup.

"Evidence? Of course, I have evidence."

"You do? I don't believe it. You were so trusting of me, so there's no way you would leave behind any evidence." Ning Zhiyuan remained unyielding, but his mind became anxious.