Chapter 97: Agreement

"Wait a minute, what did you just say?"

"I'm married."

"Stop pulling my leg, it's not April Fools today." Gao Ran didn't believe him.

"I'm not kidding."

"But… this is big, how have I not heard about this? The press didn't report it either. This doesn't make sense."

"We just got our license and didn't hold a wedding. Besides, she didn't want to go public with our marriage."

"You married... Huo Mian?" Gao Ran probed after regaining his senses from the shock.

Qin Chu nodded…

"This woman is literally the end of you. I really don't see what's so great about her. When we were in school, she was so bossy and cocky. She hurt you so much back in the day. If I were you, I would have found someone much better than her purely out of revenge."

"But in my eyes, there's no one better than her in this world," Qin Chu said, with sadness in his eyes.

"Alright, alright, alright, don't say these cheesy words to me. But don't you think that you are rushing into this? Marriage is such a serious thing. Didn't you think it through?"

Gao Ran felt like the news Qin Chu dropped on him was like a bomb going off in his brain that blew away all thoughts and logic.

"I decided that I wanted to marry her seven years ago. I don't need to think it through anymore," Qin Chu answered firmly.

"But, Chu, people change. The Huo Mian seven years ago might be different than she is now."

"No matter how she changes, she's still Huo Mian. That's good enough."

After hearing what Qin Chu said, Gao Ran's eyes turned red…

He raised his cup, "I am a f*cking dude, but if I were a chick, I would chase you to the end of the earth. It's probably easier to discover national treasures than to find someone who's loyal and rich like you."

Qin Chu remained silent at Gao Ran's words...

Under the influence of alcohol, Gao Ran suddenly asked, "Dude, tell me the truth, what agreement did you and your dad make seven years ago? I am so curious."

Qin Chu raised his head and answered slowly, "Seven years ago, I told my dad that I was going to marry Huo Mian. He gave me his blessing, but I would have to go overseas and come back to take over the family business and GK. What's more is that I couldn't come back to visit during that seven years nor could I keep in touch with anyone, especially Huo Mian. If I did, I would be violating our agreement. If I could do it and make it back seven years later, and neither of us was married, he would allow us to get married."

"Gosh, so this is why you left without saying anything?" Gao Ran was surprised.

Qin Chu looked out the window, his eyes becoming deep and pensive, "I was still young seven years ago and couldn't provide her with a comfortable life. If we blindly rushed into marriage together, it would have been a tragedy. It's better that I suffer through a temporary painful separation of seven years in exchange for a happily ever after with her."

Gao Ran's eyes were filled with astonishment…

"Qin Chu, does she know you did this?"

"No, she doesn't."

"God, this woman doesn't know anything. You are such a…" Gao Ran didn't know what to say anymore.

He thought that Qin Chu's persistence had exceeded the normal range…

"Chu, I think you might be obsessed. I would say go see a psychiatrist. It's not good for you."

"So what if I'm obsessed? The only thing I'm obsessed with is her. I don't care about anything else."

Staring at Qin Chu for a while, Gao Ran said profoundly, "Huo Mian is really lucky. But she didn't easily say 'yes' to the marriage right? Based on what I know about her."

Gao Ran knew what kind of person Huo Mian was; he also knew about the drama between them seven years ago.

"Right, so I blackmailed her. I proposed marriage when she needed my help."

"But… aren't you afraid that she will hate you for what you did?" Gao Ran looked at his friend sympathetically.

Qin Chu's eyes dimmed a little at his question…