Chapter 96: Drinking Buddy

"I didn't hire you to gossip about my private matters."

"Yes, yes, yes, I understand, boss. Ha, all I meant was that I need to know what happened first to give you advice. I am experienced in these things. I courted my wife for three years before she agreed to go out with me. We dated for two years and then, after knowing each other for almost five years, we got married. My wife is an incredibly unique woman, and thanks to her, I've gotten very good at making her happy." Assistant Yang smiled.

"Tell me what you would do."

"Buy her flowers. Buy her ninety-nine red roses and deliver them to her at work."

"Cheesy," Qin Chu said coldly.

"Buy her gifts then. Expensive ones - diamonds rings or other stuff like that. Girls usually love them."

"She doesn't."

Qin Chu knew Huo Mian too well. She didn't care about materialistic things.

"Then pretend to deliver her a package. You can hide in the box, and surprise her. Haha. When I did that, my wife was so freaked out that she actually burst into te…" Assistant Yang swallowed the rest of the sentence before he finished because he realized that the president's face had become even grimmer...

"You can leave now. I need peace."

Qin Chu seriously wondered if his assistant was there to help him, or to make things more difficult.

How did he get a wife, with an EQ as low as this? It was a mystery.

"Okay, boss."

Assistant Yang walked out glumly. He suddenly remembered something. Was the name of the president's girlfriend 'Peace'?

He just said that he needed 'Peace'.

However, he did get one thing right - his boss really was missing someone, but her name was not 'Peace'.

Qin Chu grabbed his phone several times, wondering if he should call her. However, he also thought it might not be an appropriate time because they were still giving each other the silent treatment.

He didn't have anything to say anyway…

He repressed his yearnings and knocked his right hand anxiously on the desk, without a rhythm. He looked extremely out of sorts.

However, Gao Ran's phone call came in at the right moment…

"Hey, I haven't heard from you since I helped you out last time. Aren't you supposed to buy me a drink?"

"Let's go."

"Right now?" Gao Ran was stunned.

"Yes, right now, the same old Szechuan Restaurant down south. See you later."

After he finished talking, Qin Chu put on his sapphire-colored slim-fit suit jacket, grabbed his phone, opened the door, and walked out.

The female assistants in the assistants' office immediately began to fawn over him…

"The president looks super hot in those clothes, doesn't he?"

"It doesn't matter what he wears. He's good-looking, so he'll look good wearing anything, or just nothing."

"Yeah, I don't even need to talk to him; I am satisfied just by looking at him. I wonder what type of girl he likes. I am so jealous of her."

- Inside the Szechuan Restaurant -

Gao Ran and Qin Chu sat across from each other in a private room on the second floor.

"You looked bummed," Gao Ran started the conversation.

Qin Chu didn't say anything. Instead, he filled up two cups with baijiu. He passed one to Gao Ran and left one for himself.

Then, he raised the cup and gestured at it.

Gao Ran took the hint, and chugged it…

"Now this is strong. Wine and liquor are jokes. In my opinion, our Chinese grain-brewed baijiu is the best. Three shots and my whole body is on fire. It's a painfully amazing feeling, ha!"

"You are pretty chill lately, aren't you?" Qin Chu raised his head and looked at him.

"Yeah, the criminal police only take on big cases, and trivial cases are left for the local police stations. We have nothing to do with them."

"That's good. I kinda admire you. You can stick with one job and live peacefully until you get old."

"I admire you. You are the boss of your company and are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. I bet you have pretty girls throwing themselves at you every day."

"Ran, I got married." Qin Chu's lips quirked up into a deep smile.

Fortunately, Gao Ran had already swallowed the baijiu; otherwise, he would definitely have choked on it.