Chapter 95: How to Beg for Forgiveness

Huo Mian turned around to see her mother catching up with her.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

"Did that asshole say anything to you when you went?" Yang Meirong asked with a grim expression.

Huo Mian immediately knew who her mom was talking about, and she lowered her voice, "He asked me how you've been doing these past few years."

"Bullshit, if I was doing well, would I open a small grocery store in this damn place? Damn heartless douchebag." Yang Meirong's face was filled with rage.

Huo Mian remained silent...

"What I meant was, did he ask you to work for the Huo Corporation? You are his daughter after all."

"Oh, yeah, he asked me if I wanted to go back and I said no," Huo Mian replied honestly.

"What? You said no? Are you an idiot?" Yang Meirong pushed Huo Mian so hard that she almost fell to the ground.

"Mom, you know that we've been doing well without his help all these years."

"No, we are not doing well. Why on earth would you think we are doing well? Your grades were so good, but you only attended a second-rate medical school in our city. You're not even a doctor, just a nurse intern. When Zhixin got into that accident and needed money for his operation, you had to borrow money from everyone you knew. As for me, I'm working my ass off in a grocery shop in this stupid neighborhood. Does that seem well to you?" Yang Meirong was getting a little emotional.

"But mom, at least we lived all these years peacefully. If you live in luxury, you would have to fight and scheme with others, is that really what you want?"

Her mother didn't say anything after hearing what Huo Mian said…

"When I was there this time, I saw the feud between those two women and the conspiracies between their children. I don't think there's anything crueler than that. The only thing left between the members of their family is personal gain. Do you want me to become like that?"

"But at least we would have money and wouldn't have to suffer."

"I have money, and I can make more. Mom, don't worry. I will help you and Zhixin live a comfortable life. I am not going back to the Huo family even if you yell at me or hit me, period."

Huo Mian's attitude was firm. No matter what Yang Meirong said, she made it clear that she was not going back to the Huo family.

When this gal was as stubborn as this, nobody could do anything about it…

Huo Mian left home and went straight to the First Hospital for her shift.

Qin Chu, however, stayed at the GK headquarters all day long, looking particularly depressed.

"President Qin isn't very happy today. You all better do your jobs well and don't make any mistakes. Got it?" Assistant Yang sneakily said to the female assistants who were organizing materials in the assistants' office.

"He doesn't look too bad. You can never tell if he's happy or not; he always looks like that. Actually, you can't even tell any of his emotions from his face. Anyways… Assistant Yang, how did you know his mood?"

"If I couldn't tell, I wouldn't be much of his personal assistant. Anyways, you guys need to be careful. Don't cause any trouble."

After he finished talking, he knocked on the door and went into the president's office.

"President Qin, this is what your schedule looks like for this afternoon: first you have the meeting with the clients from Thailand at 2 PM, golf with President Zheng from Tian He Trading Company at 4:30 PM, and a charity banquet tonight at 6."

"Got it," Qin Chu answered, obviously distracted.

"Em… President Qin, do you have a date for the banquet?" Assistant Yang asked hesitantly.


"Do you want…?"

"No." He was shut down by Qin Chu before he could finish his sentence.

"Okay, I'll just see myself out now." Then Assistant Yang headed out.

He wondered what could be wrong with the president. For one, he didn't drive that low-key white Volkswagen CC today.

Instead, he switched to a high-profile Maybach of the most expensive make; it was extremely flashy.

Second, instead of Rene "Milk Tea" Liu's songs, a sad English song lingered in the president's office.

So, he boldly guessed that the president was not in a good mood. Maybe he was fighting with his girlfriend?

Just as he was thinking this over, Assistant Yang heard the president's voice from behind.


"President Qin, can I assist with anything else?"

"If a woman is mad at you, how do you reconcile with her?"

"Reconcile?" Assistant Yang was confused.

"Sir, do you want to know how to make a girl stop being angry at you?" Assistant Yang asked, not sure if that was what he was referring to.

"Pretty much," Qin Chu said as he typed quickly on his laptop. 

"So, sir, did you make your girlfriend mad?" Assistant Yang asked fearlessly.

His question was soon followed by the president's deadly glare…