Chapter 93: Influential Figures

"Mr. Luo, can you clarify? I'm not sure I understand what you mean."

Huo Mian was not sure what to believe. After all, this was the same person who had been super arrogant and overbearing only a few days ago. What happened to the connections he had bragged about? What about the client's relatives, who were supposedly influential figures in politics?

"Something happened at my client's family two nights ago. He was taken in for questioning under suspected corruption charges, and the Ministry of Transportation also stated that they would closely investigate the serial car crash incident that happened on the university campus. If he is found guilty, my client Lu Yigang will be sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison."

"Woah, that's great. That just goes to show that you can't hide from the law forever." Huo Mian smirked.

Wow, Karma sure acts fast, she thought.

"But I'm still very confused. Isn't it too much of a coincidence that the Ministry of Transportation launched an investigation at the same time my client was arrested? The press wasn't even conducting any follow-up reports."

"What are you trying to say?" Huo Mian could tell that he was trying to hint something.

"Well, haha… please forgive me for anything I did that might have offended you in the past. Miss Huo, you clearly have the support of some influential figures, seeing that you have the ability to alert both the Ministries of Transportation and Finance in such short notice. Such power is truly terrifying, so I am calling today to apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused you. If you don't mind, I'd like to show my sincerity by treating you to a meal."

"I think I understand what you're trying to say, but I'll pass on the meal. There's no need for me to sue any longer as the accused has already been arrested. However, I don't know what you mean by 'influential figures'."

"Some things are better left unsaid, but anyways… Miss Huo, you are a lucky person and are one that I cannot cross. Please be so kind as to overlook my previous offenses."

After hanging up, Huo Mian came to a suspicious realization…

The only person she mentioned this issue to was Qin Chu. Did he help her out?

Wasn't it too much of a coincidence for the car crash and the arrest to happen simultaneously?

She found it hard to believe that such luck was due to an act of God.

With her head full of heavy thoughts, Huo Mian returned to Imperial Park.

Qin Chu was working over time, so Huo Mian was home alone, and her OCD was triggered.

After mopping the entire living room floor, her forehead was covered in sweat.

Just as she was getting ready to go shower, she heard the sound of key jingling in the front door.

Slowly, she began to get nervous. Weird, since it's not like it could be anyone other than Qin Chu.

Even so, she became unexplainably nervous.

"You didn't need to work the night shift today?"

She wasn't sure when it started, but at some point, he began to know her schedule better than she did herself.

"No, I came home after having dinner with Lingling."

Qin Chu nodded silently, seemingly exhausted, and walked upstairs after removing his coat.

"Have you eaten yet?"

"Yeah." Qin Chu paused and turned back to reply to Huo Mian.

"Oh," Huo Mian replied distractedly.

"Did you have something to say to me?"

 Qin Chu probed her after noticing that she had something on her mind.


"Okay, go ahead." Qin Chu turned around and walked back downstairs, sitting down on the sofa.

"Do you know… who caused my brother's accident?" Huo Mian cautiously asked while taking note of Qin Chu's facial expressions.

"Mian, don't beat around the bushes, just ask me whatever it is you want to ask. You know how well I know you."

Qin Chu dictated each word carefully, never breaking eye contact, making Huo Mian feel as if he could see right through her…