Chapter 925: Proof of an Affair (7)

"Hm. The idea can't be entirely ruled out yet. But then again, Mrs. Qin doesn't appear to be capable of something like this. Even if it was her, then there's got to be someone behind her who helped her plan this out. I've seen her interviews, she's not a wise one," Su Yu commented on his feelings towards Mrs. Qin.

"Okay, well, let's not worry about that for now. We know it's a conspiracy, so we should investigate into it. As long as it's done by a human, then there's bound to be clues and traces," Tang Chuan suggested.
"Yes. Cheers. After all these years, somebody finally got to me for once, haha." Su Yu lifted his glass for a toast.

- The Qin Manor - 

After dinner, Mayor Song and his wife chatted happily with Mrs. And Mr. Qin in the dining room.

Qin Chu began walking out towards his car, and Song Yishi followed.

"Qin Chu, could you give me a ride? I'm a little tired. I still have a lot of renovation work that needs to be done for school tomorrow, so I want to go home and rest early."

"Sure," Qin Chu nodded and said nothing else.

Song Yishi opened door to the passenger seat door and was about to go in when Qin Chu said, "Sit in the back."

"But#" She opened her mouth in protest, and before she could finish, Qin Chu interjected, "Mian doesn't like it when other people sit on my passenger seat."

"Oh. Okay," Song Yishi smiled awkwardly and immediately got into the back seat. She was not content with what had happened, but her face showed no such emotions.

For the whole ride, Qin Chu kept his silence. He seemed to be in a bad mood and only ate a single dumpling during dinner.

"Are you in a bad mood?" Song Yishi asked.


"To be honest, the rumors are flying out like crazy. Everyone knows what happened, and I know why you're in a bad mood even if you don't tell me. But I believe Huo Mian, I'm sure there's nothing going on with her and Su Yu."

"You believe her?" Qin Chu asked, a little surprised.

"Of course. If there was really something going on between them, Huo Mian would never come out as a witness. That's like intentionally leaving evidence behind. I believe she came out as a witness for Su Yu based on the fact that there's nothing going on between them. She's got a great sense of morals, so I don't believe any of the rumors."

Qin Chu was rather surprised by Song Yishi's comments, and not in an entirely bad way either. In all honesty, he thought she would take this opportunity and talk behind Huo Mian's back, but she didn't. Not only that, she was saying that she believed in Huo Mian. This woman's definitely got some tricks up her sleeve...

"I thank you, on behalf of Mian," Qin Chu said as he adjusted his attitude a little.

He liked listening to people speak nicely of Huo Mian, despite still being mad at her.

"But, I heard# Well, it's just some news that's been circling around. Please don't be worried, I'm just telling you."

"Go ahead," Qin Chu said, upon seeing Song Yishi's hesitation.

"I heard Su Yu liked Huo Mian for a long time. I'm not sure what happened before since I haven't been back in the country for very long, but I can tell. Remember last time, at my dad's party? Two of my friends went over the line and were giving Huo Mian a hard time. Su Yu drove his car into my friend's car later that night. I was really confused back then, but now that I think about it, I think perhaps he really does like Huo Mian."

Qin Chu kept driving and didn't reply. Song Yishi, on the other hand, couldn't figure out what was going on inside of Qin Chu's mind, so she added, "But I believe Huo Mian does not feel the same way about Su Yu. After all, she is married to you, and you guys have been together for so many years. Right?"

She was clearly trying to get on Qin Chu's good side.

"I'm not mad because I'm suspicious of what's going on between Mian and Su Yu," Qin Chu suddenly said, making each syllable as clear as possible.

"So why#?"

"I'm mad because she went ahead and did something without considering her own reputation. I don't care about my reputation, and I don't care about GK's reputation. But I care about her, and I can't stand her being condemned by the public," Qin Chu continued, leaving Song Yishi stunned#.

"I would have never thought that you loved her so deeply," she said bitterly.