Chapter 924: Proof of an Affair (6)

"Well, first of all, how did Zhao Xiya confirm my departure time from the party? I think she was already inside my room at that time."

"I bet she had an accomplice. How else do you think she got into the party without an invitation?" Tang Chuan analyzed.

"Right, she's definitely working with someone. But I'm talking about their motive."

"Motive? Wasn't their motive to frame you? What's the point of guessing? Everyone knows that," Tang Chuan said matter-of-factly as he stared at Su Yu questionably.

"No, I don't think it's that simple."

"What other loopholes did you find?" Wei Liao asked.

"I think if they're only trying to frame me, they would try to get me into the house. That way, there would be more evidence. They wouldn't have let me go out to see Huo Mian and make Huo Mian my only witness since she was definitely going to testify for me."

"So you're saying#" Wei Liao was beginning to understand.

"Yes. I have a daring hypothesis... Zhao Xiya was simply used. On the surface, her death was used to frame me, but in reality, the person behind this had his or her eyes on Huo Mian. They probably wanted to frame Huo Mian. As soon as she stood out and became my witness, she fell into this person's trap, and look where things have taken themselves. This is what the person behind the curtain wanted." 

"Holy sh*t, no way! That's terrifying, it's a trap within a trap!" Tang Chuan gasped.

Wei Liao and Su Yu exchanged glances as they understood the situation...

Wei Liao put his cigarette in the ashtray and said, "If that's the case, then the person behind this is rather terrifying. Zhao Xiya was used to frame you, but the person calculated everything, including the time you went out to meet Huo Mian. The person would also have needed to know Huo Mian very well in order to lead the situation the way it was intended. That person is definitely something."
"It's just a feeling as of now, I'm not a hundred percent sure."

"So what now? Are you going to investigate?"

"Of course... not only is this person my enemy, but they're also Huo Mian's enemy. I need to find out who it is."

Su Yu had been holding his breath. After contemplating it today, he knew something was wrong. Initially, he was pretty sure Zhao Xiya had people working with her, but then he realized that this situation may have threads that lead to Huo Mian.

After all, that person wouldn't sacrifice Zhao Xiya to do something that wouldn't even frame him. It was a waste of time, everybody who knew his identity should know that. He wouldn't have lost the case even if he went to court, and that was the truth.

"Huh. The fact that Huo Mian is in deep water would cause relationship issues between her and Qin Chu. Anyone who benefits from that would most likely be the murderer. Hm# I think I have someone in mind."

"Are you thinking of Song Yishi?" Wei Liao asked without thinking.

"Smart..." Tang Chuan gave him a thumbs up.
"No, it's probably not her." Su Yu shook his head and rejected Tang Chuan's suggestion.

"But she's the most suspicious. You have no idea how ambitious she is. Did you know that she moved to Imperial Park? Do you know where that is? It's where Qin Chu and Huo Mian lives. Also, she's got so much power and resources, it's probably pretty convenient for her to plan this out." Tang Chuan didn't like Song Yishi very much since her friends were all well-known backstabbers within the circle.

One of Tang Chuan's ex-girlfriends was once bullied by Song Yishi's friends. He had openly engaged in fights on Weibo with them too.

"Zhao Qingya's incident had happened for a while ago, and Song Yishi just got back from overseas. I don't think she would do something like that. If the mayor's daughter was associated with a person's death and meth, it would severely affect her father's career. I don't think Song Yishi would take such a risk just to frame Huo Mian and break her and Qin Chu up," Wei Liao explained.

Wei Liao was known to be smart, so a lot of the time Su Yu would run things through him if he was ever stuck.

Su Yu nodded in agreement with what Wei Liao said.

"Well, that's weird. Who else could it be?" Tang Chuan murmured to himself.

"It's got to be someone with great power, and someone who's known to be ruthless," Su Yu conjectured.

"Oh! Do you guys think it could be Mrs. Qin? Doesn't she hate Huo Mian the most?" Tang Chuan asked suddenly.