Chapter 923: Proof of an Affair (5)

"I know." Huo Mian's reply was brief.

"Are you dumb?"

"My brain probably weighs two pounds more than yours."

Su Yu was left speechless.

"How can you still joke at a time like this?" depressed, Su Yu asked.

"It's always the darkest before the dawn. What's there to be scared of? It's not like the world is ending." Huo Mian was still optimistic.

"So# what about Qin Chu? Did you guys fight?" Su Yu asked anxiously.

He felt very conflicted. From the standpoint of his own self-interest, he liked the idea of Qin Chu and Huo Mian fighting. Because then, it meant that he might have a chance if Huo Mian left Qin Chu.

But, considering the bigger picture, Huo Mian's feelings for Qin Chu were deeply rooted. He could tell based on what had happened the last two times.

Huo Mian resourcefully solved GK's crisis. She was even willing to beg Huo Siqian for Qin Chu.

Therefore, even if they had a fight, Huo Mian would be heartbroken, because she loved Qin Chu so deeply. Su Yu, on the other hand, obviously didn't want Huo Mian to be upset. So yes, he was rather conflicted.

"We're fine," Huo Mian answered vaguely. She wouldn't tell Su Yu what was going on between her and Qin Chu. After all, it was personal.

"If you find it hard to tough it out, just go abroad. Go on vacation, and I will take care of things here. You can come back once everything settles down."

"No, it's okay, I can handle it. This is nothing. Also, there's nothing between us, why should I hide away?"

"Okay... you're right."

Su Yu felt a little down. There really was nothing between him and Huo Mian. It's nothing more than someone trying to make a mountain out of a molehill because of their status within the society.

After a couple of rounds of private messages, Su Yu still had trouble sleeping. He went to his WeChat group and asked, "Anyone want to go out for a drink?"

"Me," Tang Chuan answered immediately.

"And me," Wei Liao, on the other hand, answered as well.

"Holy sh*t# I can't believe you replied, aren't you afraid that Dr. Jiang might kill you?"

Everyone knew that Wei Liao doted Jiang Xiaowei. Now that she was pregnant, Wei Liao had been treating her like a queen. So, Wei Liao very rarely came out for drinks anymore. Therefore, Tang Chuan and Su Yu were both surprised to see his reply.

"Our doctor told me to go out and have a drink. She said it was to prevent prenatal depression." Wei Liao chuckled.

"Prenatal depression# doesn't that only apply to pregnant women? What does that have anything to do with you?" Tang Chuan exclaimed.
"Haha, you don't understand, but a lot of men become depressed while waiting for their wives to deliver. My wife has a doctorate in psychology, don't question her," Wei Liao said proudly. He never imagined that one day, he would marry a super-scholar...

"Okay, yeah, sure, of course. Whatever your wife says is right. Stop bullsh*tting, I will wait for you guys on the top floor of Seductive Fox."

The three of them jumped into their vehicles to attend the gathering. Su Yu drove a black Lamborghini, Tang Chuan drove a flirty pink Ferrari, and Wei Liao drove a Range Rover that was rather low-key.

Only the three of them sat inside the large VIP room. Tang Chuan, for once, did not bring a date.

Su Yu ordered some appetizers and booze as the three of them chatted.

"I've been thinking, but I haven't quite figured things out yet, can you guys help me out a little?" Su Yu twirled his empty wine glass on the table.

"Shoot." Tang Chuan nodded.

"Let's hear it." Wei Liao knew Su Yu wanted to talk to them about something since he wasn't yet asleep at this hour.

"Zhao Xiya died in my private mansion. Her time of death coincidentally matches the time I hid away from the cameras. I am the primary suspect since during that time I was with Huo Mian. Any average person would believe Zhao Xiya was taking revenge on me with her death so she could avenge her sister."

"Are you saying that's not true?" Tang Chuan asked, startled.

"It seems to be true in theory# but I thought about it and something seems off."

"What seems off?" Wei Liao asked with an unlit cigarette hanging in his mouth.