Chapter 922: Proof of an Affair (4)

"Mom, I want to help, but I'm afraid it will only make things worse," Su Yu answered in a serious tone. As one of the protagonists of the story, him coming to Huo Mian's aid would only bring forth even more negative effects. The only real way of helping was to remain silent and try to control the media that he had power over, so the event doesn't continue to be dramatized.

He had also recruited some internet ghostwriters to comment as Huo Mian's supporters, but it didn't seem to help much. In today's internet age, news got out way too fast, and the content often got skewed the more it was retold 每 like a broken telephone...

"Okay, I understand then." Mrs. Su nodded and walked away.

Su Yu laid on the bed after taking a shower. He took out his phone and a picture of Huo Mian in a white lab coat lit up on his screen. He traced the details of the photo with his eye for several long seconds before swiping to unlock the phone and log on to Weibo.

There were lots of comments under his Weibo account, most of them from his fans.

The most upvoted comment was rather interesting, it said: "Like this comment if you've never bashed Young Master Su."
This comment received over two thousand likes, it was rather popular.

Most of his fans were female, and almost all of them referred to him as "hubby".

But of course, there were haters as well, and their comments went something like this: "Su Yu, what's your relationship with Huo Mian? Why did she help you?"

"So GK's Young Madam attended Su Yu's birthday party? Is she the spy that you sent to Qin Chu?"

"Bro, it's not right to seduce a married woman, this is a matter of principle. You're filthy rich, don't you have enough women already? Why are you seducing a married woman?"

Another even more interesting comment said: "Why do I think the situation is more complex than it seems? Perhaps Qin Chu and Su Yu are the real lovebirds here, and Huo Mian is just a front."

Su Yu couldn't help but roll his eyes as he read that last comment. He had to give it to the internet surfers, their imaginations were beyond wild.

After he finished browsing through the comments, he quietly clicked Huo Mian's profile. She hadn't updated her Weibo in a while. However, her most recent update exploded with almost sixty-thousand comments. They were all, of course, bashing her.

"Huo Mian, you're such a slut! Why did you seduce Young Master Su when you already have a husband?"

"The women from the Huo Family are all bitches! Huo Mian and Huo Yanyan are both the same! It's been proven."

"Can you imagine how President Qin feels with all this going on?"

"Huo Mian, should you really be double-dipping? How can you justify yourself when you've been receiving sports cars and mansions from President Qin?"

"What an ungrateful woman, you're shooting yourself in the foot."

"Goddess Huo, who's better in bed? President Qin or President Su?"

"I bet ten cents that Huo Mian and Qin Chu will be divorced soon. If they don't, I will live stream myself eating sh*t."

There were all kinds of comments in her comment section, mostly negative ones.

Women had always been a vulnerable group within society. Seeing Huo Mian remain in complete silence, Su Yu's heart throbbed. She chose to explain nothing and simply endure everything herself...

There used to be an actor under his company who had an affair with another actress while the actor's wife was pregnant. Once the situation was revealed by the paparazzi, both parties involved experienced severe declines in their careers. In the end, the actor listened to the company's suggestions and held a press conference where he admitted his wrongdoing with tears. He apologized to his wife and promised to never do such a thing again. However, the actress, on the other hand, was called all kinds of names. There was basically no hope left for her career in the entertainment business. In the end, she moved abroad to get away from everything. Apparently, she went to Australia. 

As the old saying goes, 'you can't clap with one hand'. Cheating is not something that can be done by a single individual. Of course, both parties were at fault. However, as a man, he was easily forgiven after openly admitting his wrongdoings. But as a woman, she was humiliated endlessly until her career was over.

Su Yu was terrified by the thought that the same thing might happen to Huo Mian. He was afraid that this black mark would stay on her like a sharpie.

If that were to happen, it probably would have been better if he just showed up in court. There was no way the police could convict him.

With much hesitation, Su Yu sent a private message to Huo Mian.

There were only three words in his message: "Are you asleep?"

He had no idea that Huo Mian had stopped returning home and was sleeping at South Side.

Huo Mian seldom logged onto Weibo. However, on this night, she was browsing the news to prevent herself from falling asleep during her night shift. Therefore, she immediately saw Su Yu's message. 

"Not yet," she replied.

"I told you to stay out of it. Now look what's happening# Everyone is bashing you. Did you know that was going to happen?" Su Yu asked with concern.