Chapter 919: Proof of an Affair (1)

Truth be told, she never thought of divorce, not even when she said it to Qin Chu that one time while they were fighting. She didn't actually want to divorce him; marriage was a big deal, and she wasn't about to get divorced on a whim.

What Huo Siqian said made Huo Mian feel incredibly uncomfortable#

Upon seeing that she didn't reply, Huo Siqian added, "Hey# did you think I was being serious? I was just kidding."

Huo Mian didn't reply to him; she realized that whenever she and Qin Chu got into a fight, other people would immediately take advantage of the situation because they wanted her and Qin Chu to get divorced as soon as possible.

Her mother once said that words like 'divorce' and 'breakup' shouldn't be said unless you meant it. This was because those words hurt, and once spoken, will leave a mark on the receiving party#

If you keep saying 'I want to break up', then one day, you will break up.

If you keep saying 'I want to get divorced', then one day, you will get divorced.

Huo Mian's EQ may not be staggeringly high, but it wasn't low either. She would never say stuff like that to hurt Qin Chu.

The Huo Family's chaos had come to an end; after Huo Zhenghai beat Shen Jiani up into a pulp, he forbade her from leaving their house.

If he let her go at this time, wasn't he basically sending her to the arms of her lover?

Huo Siyi, on the other hand, was kicked out of the Huo Family. In order to contain the rumors, Huo Siqian bought a plane ticket and sent him back to the Philippines.

Huo Yanyan, on the other hand, continued to live at home, since she was, after all, Huo Zhenghai's daughter. However, because of what happened with her mother and brother, his father didn't like her anymore. She had been racking her brain, trying to hook up with an heir and marry into a rich family, hoping to save her mother#.

Jiang Hong and Huo Siqian became the biggest winners, but Huo Siqian wanted more.

- The Huo Mansion -

Huo Zhenghai hadn't been back in three days; rumor had it that he had been sleeping with a young model in her twenties.

He was still daydreaming about giving birth to another son at his age.

Jiang Hong felt nothing towards stuff like this.

She enjoyed tea with Huo Siqian in the living room.

Huo Siqian politely poured a cup of tea for her mother and then passed it to her.

"Mom# you haven't been doing much lately, it's boring to stay at home all the time. You should travel more. If you want to go abroad, I'll buy you a ticket."

'There's no rush, I like our house right now, it's very quiet." Jiang Hong smiled.

She was elated by Shen Jiani's fall from grace; the latter had been a prick in Jiang Hong's eyes for more than twenty years. After finally getting it out, she felt much better and happier.

"That stupid man is still screwing around at his age. Make sure your people follow him, we can't give him another son. We finally got rid of Shen Jiani, I don't want another one," Jiang Hong reminded him.

"Don't worry, Mom# it won't happen. He can have all the fun he wants, but# he'll never have another child."

"How are things going with the board of directors?"

"Everyone's basically on our side, I can kick them out whenever I want# but so many things have happened recently so I can't be too obvious, or else people will talk. I'll look for a more appropriate opportunity."

"Okay, I trust you."

"Mom# you still have feelings for that old man, don't you? If you do, I won't push him off a cliff# at least you'll have someone with you to live off your retirement."

"I don't need him# my heart had been smothered flat after all these years# ever since Shen Jiani arrived at this house, I bit down on my teeth and decided that one day, I will make him beg me and then kick him to the curb."

Jiang Hong hated Huo Zhenghai#

In the beginning, their marriage was no more than an arrangement that was mutually benefiting. However, Jiang Hong was a woman who was keen on face-saving.

Shen Jiani's sudden arrival and the fact that she gave birth to a boy and a girl made Jiang Hong the laughing material amongst socialites for years.

She had been suppressing this hatred for a very long time, so she would never go easy on Huo Zhenghai.

"If that's what you want, then I know what to do." Huo Siqian smiled.


"Yes, Mom?" Huo Siqian was smart; he immediately knew that there was something else Jiang Hong wanted to talk to him about.

As expected, Jiang Hong put down the teacup in her hand and said earnestly, "You're more than 30 years old now, it's time for you to start a family."