Chapter 907: I’m Very Disappointed in You (8)

"Gao Ran# Su Yu won't say why he disappeared under the security camera at 8:08 PM that day because he was with me."

"With you?" Gao Ran was more surprised.

Then, Huo Mian told him about what had happened.

After Gao Ran heard what she said, he turned into stone# it took him a while to come back to his senses.

"But# You have no proof that you were outside the mansion at that time."

Since he was a cop, he needed evidence for everything.

"I didn't drive that day and called a cab. Because it was rush hour and traffic was congested, it was hard to get a cab, so I called one with an app. I also paid with my phone, so you'll be able to find out how much I paid as well as the driver's phone number. Feel free to check."

"Okay# Huo Mian, you're good."

Gao Ran knew that Huo Mian was someone who was attentive to details. Her appearance here at the police station proved that she had thought everything through.

"So# can you let Su Yu go now?" Huo Mian softly asked.

Gao Ran was silent for a moment, then, he asked back, "Huo Mian, does Qin Chu know that you testified for Su Yu?"

Biting her lips, Huo Mian said with a low voice, "He didn't want me to come, because he was scared of my name getting tarnished and didn't want to put me under public pressure."

"Then why are you doing this?"

"Because this is my bottom line# Gao Ran, I can't just watch Su Yu abandon everything and go to court in order to protect me. I know that he won't lose, but once he goes to court, his name will be tarnished. We're both human beings, so why should I give up on a friend who's protecting me in order to protect myself? I can't do that. I, Huo Mian, am not Saint Mary and cannot save the world. However, I will never let my friend get hurt for helping me# I would feel guilty for my entire life."

After hearing Huo Mian's words, Gao Ran nodded understandingly.

Actually, Huo Mian was very stubborn. Once she decided on something, no one could talk her out of it.

Also, she did not want to involve others in her business, so coming here to testify suited her personality.

However, what about Qin Chu#?

Gao Ran thought that this situation may escalate for the worse.

So, he uneasily asked, "Huo Mian, you can still back down now. I can pretend that I never saw you. You should go."

"You should go, I still have to go to work after testifying. Time is precious."

After speaking, Huo Mian walked in first...

Gao Ran knew that he could not stop her now.

Huo Mian filled out a detailed report at the police station and provided many details.

After some analysis, they found her report to be reasonable.

With Huo Mian providing an alibi, Su Yu was declared innocent immediately...

- In the interrogation room -

Gao Ran walked in, looked at Su Yu emotionlessly, and said, "You can leave now."

"Leave? Aren't you prosecuting me?" Su Yu demanded.

"No, someone testified for you." When Gao Ran spoke, he looked at Su Yu with a complicated gaze.

To be truthful, Gao Ran didn't like Su Yu, because he witnessed Qin Chu and Huo Mian's love during high school with his own eyes.

He knew how much Qin Chu loved Huo Mian, so he didn't want anyone to butt in.

"Someone testified for me?" Su Yu shot up as an uneasy feeling began to build up in his heart.

"You don't have to look at me like that# Huo Mian came, you should know. She's the only person who could provide you with an alibi."

"How could she...?" Su Yu frowned, he had threatened her to prevent her from coming.

Why did she come anyways? This woman was arrogant beyond belief, treating his words as farts!?

"So you're free, congratulations," after coldly saying that, Gao Ran opened the door and left.

When Su Yu walked out of the police station, the media surrounded him.

"President Su# do you have anything to say about this lawsuit?"

"President Su, did the police bureau release you? Was it because of pressure from your family or was because you're free from suspicion? Can you comment?"

"President Su, weren't they going to prosecute you? Why did they let you go all of a sudden? Did something happen? Did the police find new clues? Can you let us in on them?"

Facing the swarming media, Su Yu's brain was empty...

He only wanted to see one person right now, Huo Mian# His desire to see her right now was so strong.

He got onto his sports car without paying attention or speaking to anyone.

The company sent tens of cars to pick up Su Yu, and they all followed his beloved Sesto Elemento.

He got on the sports car and raced straight to South Side Recuperation Centre.