Chapter 905: I’m Very Disappointed in You (6)

"Honey, I have to tell you something."


"I went to Su Yu's birthday party last night, remember? I told you about it a while back."


"I wanted to give the bullet shell back to him, but he didn't take it. He said he won't take back the things he gave away, and that if I don't want to use the shell, I can throw it away, but he won't take it back."

"Mhm, then keep it," Qin Chu thought that it was only a bullet shell and not a big deal.

"Then# I went to see him in secret, right? I didn't want to ruin any of our reputations, so I asked Su Yu to meet me in private. We talked for about ten or so minutes, and I left right at eight twenty."

"Honey, what are you trying to say?"

Qin Chu could tell that Huo Mian was circling around the issue and that her gaze was avoiding his.

So he asked her directly...

"Honey, you know that Su Yu was involved in an incident, right?"

"Yeah, the entire city is reporting on it." Qin Chu nodded in acknowledgment.

"Actually, I heard from Jiang Xiaowei that Su Yu became a suspect because he disappeared from the security cameras for around ten minutes. He actually spent that time with me, we were talking# So, I'm his only witness."

"So, what do you want to do?"

Qin Chu's expression began to become complicated...

It was as if he already guessed what his wife wanted to say.

"Honey, I want to go testify for Su Yu."

"No way," Qin Chu straightforwardly rejected her.

"Why not?" Biting on her lips, Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu with puppy dog eyes.

"It's simple, you won't be able to explain yourself if you go# Think about it, what would others think if the Young Madam of GK was with Su Yu at eight o'clock at night where the security camera couldn't see?"

"But if I don't testify, he'll be wronged. Jiang Xiaowei said that Su Yu wouldn't say what happened during that time, so I'm guessing he's trying to protect me. That's making me more uneasy, I know what I have to face once I testify. But Honey, believe me, I don't care about what others say#"

Huo Mian thought that Qin Chu should understand where she was coming from#

However, she overestimated Qin Chu level of tolerance; he loved her deeply, so of course he would mind...

Especially when the other person was Su Yu.

"Mian# Are you clear that with his family background, Su Yu doesn't need you to testify to get out? Do you know who his grandpa hired? Li Zhongtang# Do you know who he is? He's a famous lawyer from Jing City, who has never once lost a case."

Qin Chu knew about the incident, so he was sure that nothing would happen to Su Yu.

At most, he would be troubled and have to stay at the police station for a few days.

Huo Mian put down her chopsticks as she looked at Qin Chu in all seriousness. "I know that his grandpa hired a lawyer, I know that the lawyer is very good, and I also know that the Su Family won't lose the lawsuit and nothing will happen to Su Yu."

"Then why do you want to testify?" Qin Chu was clearly jealous, he wondered if Huo Mian's stress was because she was worried about Su Yu.

Although he did not want to think that, his heart was displeased upon seeing how depressed Huo Mian was over Su Yu's incident.

"I want to go because I can testify at the police station, and that can make Gao Ran and the prosecutors drop the lawsuit# Once they take Su Yu to court, do you know how much it will affect his reputation?"

"But do you know how much it'll affect your name if you went? Is Su Yu more important to you than yourself?"

Qin Chu's anger left him without a filter...

Huo Mian was stunned slightly, and then she looked at Qin Chu with disappointment, "What do you mean by that?"

"You know exactly what I mean, anyway# I won't agree to let you go, and I don't think you should."

After speaking, Qin Chu rose and left the dining table. He headed straight upstairs into the study.

It had been a long time since they fought, and their fight this time was because of Su Yu's incident of all things.

Huo Mian felt like someone just poured a bucket of cold water onto her head.

Huo Mian once saw a great quote on Weibo.

'In a man's world, he will always feel like you'll never leave him if you loved him.'

'In a woman's world, she will always feel like you'll come to find her if you loved her.'

'But, in the end, you didn't urge me to stay and I didn't turn back#'

So many couples missed their entire lives together due to a temporary disagreement.

It was all because of a difference in opinion. Qin Chu was filled with jealousy because Huo Mian cared and worried about Su Yu.

However, Huo Min felt that Su Yu's disappearance from the security camera and the suspicion that arose from that was due to her appearance, so she had to clear his name.

She had to return Su Yu's innocence...

Depressed, she turned on her phone, logged onto Weibo, and wanted to write something...

Surprised, she saw a private message from Su Yu...

She slowly opened it# and her heart began to ache upon reading what he sent.