Chapter 904: I’m Very Disappointed in You (5)

"Uncle Li, why are you here?" Su Yu was quite surprised when he saw Li Zhongtang.

He was a famous lawyer in China; aside from his fame, he was known for being the reserved lawyer for senior military officials.

His law office, located in the capital city of Jing, was the best in the country, and all his students had gone on to become renowned lawyers.

"Your grandfather called me, so I flew here immediately."

Li Zhongtang was highly valued by Grandpa Su, as the latter visited and had tea him every time he went to Jing City for conferences.

Grandpa Su asked an important person like Uncle Li to come because he didn't want anything to happen to his grandson, so it was understandable.

"My grandpa is making a big fuss over a small problem, haha." Laughing, Su Yu looked as if nothing big happened.

"A life is involved, do you think he's over exaggerating? Do you know how big of a crime homicide is?"

"Yeah, but I didn't kill anyone. I'm innocent."

"You can't just say that you're innocent, the evidence is against you right now," Uncle Li scolded him.

"Uncle Li, it's not that serious, you're thinking too much."

"You little brat# You don't understand anything. Anyways, stop blabbering and answer all my questions, got it?"

"Okay." Su Yu nodded without hesitation.

"The name of the deceased is Zhao Xiya, and she is Zhao Qingya's sister. The latter has been imprisoned for a while, although not to the public's knowledge, it is known by her family. She might have done it for revenge, right?"

"That should be it# Otherwise, I don't even know her, she didn't have to frame me with her life," Su Yu deduced...

"Have you met Zhao Xiya before?"

"No, I've never met her."

"Then why did your DNA show up in her nails?" Playing with his recording pen, Uncle Li slowly asked.

"I remembered something that happened, so it might have gone like this. A lot of people came to my birthday party yesterday, and my guests brought a lot of female plus-ones, so I didn't know most of them. At the time, a girl fell and I didn't see her face clearly. When I helped her up, her long nails scratched me. I thought that it was an accident, so I didn't pay much attention to it. That might be the only time there was skin to skin contact for me."

"Mhm, something else that is interesting is that somebody messed with your security cameras so that only the outside cameras were working, the ones inside the mansion were not. The outside ones saw that you left for ten or so minutes, and none of the other cameras picked up your trail. So# where did you go?"

"Uncle Li, stop asking, the police have asked this question countless times, and I won't answer."

"But this is an important question. If you can answer it, we may be able to clear your name."

"No, I can't."

"Who are you trying to protect?" Uncle Li interrogated harshly.

Su Yu extended his hand and rubbed the corners of his eyes with a complicated expression on his face...

"Yu# You have to think rationally. If somebody is trying to frame you# then this conspiracy is too well-planned, and perhaps the person you're trying to protect was a part of it too. Don't be tricked by them."

"She would never, Uncle Li. I know her, she would never do something like that."

"So It's a woman?" Uncle Li inquired.

"Stop asking, I won't tell you anyways# I still go by what I said, I really didn't do anything. I didn't go into my bedroom, I didn't meet with Zhao Xiya, I didn't force her to take drugs, and I didn't push her off my balcony."

"Okay, I understand."

"Uncle Li# Don't let my grandpa investigate anymore. Whatever I don't want to say is really important to me, and if you go after who I am trying to protect in order to get me out, then# I will never forgive you."

Su Yu was actually really worried about how scary his grandfather's power could be once he used it...

Huo Mian would be found out for sure...

Then, it'll cause even more of a storm...

So, Su Yu decided to make things clear from the very beginning.

Lawyer Li didn't say much, he only said, "Stupid brat, you're acting like a real man now that you're older."

Su Yu didn't know whether his words were intended to be praise or derogatory, he was only hoping that his grandpa wouldn't harm more people with his wrath.

Huo Mian felt uneasy the entire day.

Her gaze was distraught, even when she had dinner with Qin Chu.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Putting down his chopsticks, Qin Chu asked.