Chapter 899: Her Deposition Is Very Important (10)

After Huo Mian hung up, Su Yu felt his heart thumping violently...

She really came; he wasn't waiting in vain.

Su Yu walked quietly toward his female assistant and said, "I'm going out for a bit. If anyone asks for me, tell them I'm resting in my room for a bit."

"Yes, President Su." The female assistant nodded.

Afterward, Su Yu threw on his black jacket, covering the red on his body...

He then sneaked his way towards the Southeastern corner of his mansion. There were no lights there, so it was pitch dark.

Luckily, the wall wasn't too tall, and with his former military training, Su Yu climbed to the top of the wall with ease.

Sure enough, as he looked down, he saw Huo Mian standing at the bottom of the wall.

She was also wearing red. Although it was a small cotton coat, she nevertheless looked adorable.

"Hey, stupid girl, you're late. I already cut the cake," he whispered at her.

Huo Mian was startled. She looked up and waved at him. "Hurry up and get down here. Don't let the others see."

"What are you scared of? It's not like we're having an affair."

With that, Su Yu jumped off the two-meter tall wall, his action clean as could be.

Huo Mian was speechless. "I think you're thinking too much."

"Where's my present, give it to me."

"...Who the hell demands presents from other people?"

"Why did you come if you don't have a present for me?" Su Yu looked at Huo Mian, amused.

She was wearing the scarf, hat, and mittens Xie Juan knitted. They looked white and fluffy.

There were even two rabbit ears on the hat.

She had on a pair of black jeans and a little red down jacket, looking as cute as a button.

Knowing that Su Yu's party was red-themed, Huo Mian looked through her closet for something red, and only saw ballgowns and summer dresses.

She would've frozen to death if she wore them...

To avoid the paparazzi, she didn't dare drive her Audi R8 too.

She took a taxi to Su Yu's mansion and circled it a couple of times before she discovered this hidden spot.

Huo Mian then took out the bullet shell and carefully handed it to him...


"What are you doing?" Su Yu was surprised. He looked at her but refused to take the bullet shell.

"Actually# I didn't want it when you gave it to me. It's too valuable# since it's your birthday today, I thought that I should give it back to you..."

"I gave you the bullet shell as a gift. I don't want it back. If you think it's too expensive, you don't have to use it, ever, but don't humiliate me like this," Su Yu said coldly...

Huo Mian explained, "I don't mean to humiliate you. Please don't misunderstand."

"Then take it back," 

Seeing him so stubborn, Huo Mian could only take back the bullet shell. Su Yu's words made sense.

The promise# Worst comes to worst, she'll just never use it...

"So? Did you bring any other gifts?" Su Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest, pretending to be angry.

Huo Mian scratched her forehead awkwardly, and after a moment, she said, "Oh I know, give me a second."

She looked down and grabbed her wallet. She took out a stack of cash, 5000 yuan exactly. She withdrew it this morning and was thinking of using it to buy Shuai Shuai a computer. Now that she had no gift, money wasn't such a bad option.

"Here# happy birthday! Use it to buy the food you like."


"Take it# you don't have to be so polite. You are welcome."

"Huo Mian, I really want to strangle you," Su Yu said with a dark expression.

Huo Mian was the first woman to give Su Yu money on his birthday.

Everyone knew that he didn't need money. Most women tried to please him with ties, socks, cufflinks, brooches, watches, rings...

Some even gave him sex toys and condoms, but who the hell gives money?!

The only thing that Su Yu wasn't missing was money...

"Is it too little? I only have this much right now# do you want me to go and withdraw some more? Is there an ATM around?" Huo Mian asked with the utmost seriousness...

Su Yu was about to spit fire...

If this person wasn't Huo Mian, he really wanted to send her flying with a kick...

"So# you told me to jump over the wall to see you, just to give me this?" Su Yu questioned, his expression dark.