Chapter 898: Her Deposition Is Very Important (9)

"Of course not. She wouldn't say something like that# She's very careful in her choice of words. But, I think that the girl only looks cold on the outside. She knows who's truly good to her and she's grateful towards them. I'm sure that she knows how good you are to her. You gave her fireworks and a car fleet for her birthday# she wouldn't just disregard yours. She would at least come to wish you a happy birthday. It's who she is."

Huo Siqian watched Huo Mian grow up. Although they were never close, he was very familiar with her personality.

This was why he had guessed that Huo Mian would show up. Of course, he wasn't certain. After all, if Huo Mian was worried about making Qin Chu uncomfortable, maybe she wouldn't show up.

It was all up in the air...

Hearing this, Su Yu licked the corners of his lips and remained silent...

He had always thought that birthdays existed for people to throw away their money. It was nothing meaningful.

This time was different. He suddenly felt hopeful of something...

If Huo Mian suddenly appeared and celebrated with him, how happy would he be?

She was simply too important to him.

He also knew, however, that if Huo Mian took consideration of Qin Chu's feelings, she probably wouldn't show up.

As far as Huo Mian was concerned, no one was more important than Qin Chu...

Mo Xue'er was surrounded by a group of fans, all wanting her signature and taking pictures with her to show off on their social media.

Overcome with boredom, Huo Siqian walked towards Song Yishi.

"Hi, Miss Song."

"Young Master Huo."

"You look beautiful today. You're the most exquisite woman I've ever met."

"Thank you, but aren't you afraid that Miss Mo will get jealous?" Song Yishi smiled.

"I'm not. If I'm speaking the truth, Xue'er wouldn't get jealous."

Song Yishi responded with a smile...

"I've heard that you lived with the Qin Family for more than a year when you were young."

Song Yishi's gaze shifted. "Young Master Huo, you sure are well-informed."

"Ah# I just remember hearing this from somewhere# but it's strange# you were probably very cute growing up, weren't you? If you lived with the Qin Family for so long, why# did nothing romantic happen between you and Qin Chu?"

Hearing this, Song Yishi looked like she couldn't keep it in any longer...

She smiled awkwardly. "Maybe# I'm not his type?"

"Impossible. All men love beautiful women."

"But Qin Chu's an exception# In his eyes, probably only Huo Mian is perfect."

With that, Song Yishi took a sip of her champagne# her gaze complicated.

"President Su, it's time to cut the cake," Su Yu's assistant reminded him.

Su Yu nodded. He looked towards the door but still, no one was there...

All the guests had arrived. Su Yu turned around and got onto the main stage.

A couple of employees entered with a seven-layered cake. It was red and decorated to perfection.

Every layer had its own unique style. There were roses, race cars, boats, etc...

Everyone walked towards the cake, making circles and circles around it, crowded as could be...

Su Yu lifted his hands, and all the lights focused on him.

He then symbolically cut into the cake, as an explosion of fireworks began.

The girls began to scream out in excitement, all taking out their phones to record videos of the sight...

A couple of famous female celebrities from Imperial Star Entertainment surrounded Su Yu, singing him 'happy birthday'.

Many men were as envious as could be of this sight...

"If I were Young Master Su, I would sleep with a different woman every day, 365 a year. If I continue like that for three years, I could get the Guinness World Record for the 'highest number of one night stands. Hahaha." Tang Chuan laughed.

"If he was as perverted as you, he wouldn't be Su Yu..." Wei Liao sighed.

"Master Su doesn't look too happy." Jiang Xiaowei noticed that Su Yu wasn't all that excited.

"It's because the person he wants to see isn't here."

They stood there, watching the event unfold from the side...

The majority of people were huddled in the middle. It was so chaotic that no one noticed a small shadow creeping into the crowd# and sneaking into Su Yu's mansion.

After the toast finished, Su Yu sat down on a long bench beside the pool.

Just then, his phone rang...

At the sight of the number, he couldn't contain his happiness. "Hello?" he immediately answered.

"I'm in the Southeast corner of your home. There is a lot of paparazzi outside. Jump over the wall, I have something to say to you."

With that, Huo Mian hung up the phone...

She sneaked around the outskirts of Su Yu's mansion and discovered a quiet place in the Southeastern corner. There were quite a few sycamore trees, blocking the view from the others and the paparazzi. Only then did she call Su Yu.