Chapter 897: Her Deposition Is Very Important (8)

"I don't want to bet. I'm scared that I'll lose my boxers."

"But I really think that Huo Mian can make it," Tang Chuan added.

"You think, you think, you always think# I think that Huo Mian will get a divorce and marry Young Master Su!" Wei Liao rolled his eyes at Tang Chuan's unreliable thoughts.

If Huo Mian came to an event like this, wouldn't her presence seem# out of place?

Just then, a guest at the door once again grabbed everyone's attention...

"Song Yishi? Why is she here too?" Tang Chuan was surprised by Song Yishi's arrival. As far as he was concerned, she wasn't that close with Su Yu.

"Young Master Su, happy birthday." Song Yishi had on a pair of red, wide-legged pants with a white T-shirt.

Although it was early winter outside, Su Yu's mansion was brimming with energy. Most guests were dressed in summer attire.

"Thank you."

"My father is attending meetings in another city, so I've come here to represent him. Please forgive his absence." Song Yishi was truly a master socializer.

Her every smile was just right, and her every move looked natural.

Mayor Song paid a lot of attention to Su Yu's birthday. He made sure that Song Yishi attended the event with a present.

It was all because of Grandpa Su's prestige. He only had one precious grandson, so no one dared to disregard him.

"My father told me to bring you this calligraphy." Song Yishi handed over a cylinder.

"Please thank Mayor Song for me," Su Yu answered calmly. He was already used to politicians.

"I heard that# Young Master Su and Huo Mian are good friends?"

Su Yu raised his head and looked at her calmly. He didn't understand what she meant by that question.

Song Yishi then said, "I am also friends with Huo Mian. She's a great person, I really like her."

"Oh, really?" Su Yu replied lightly.

He didn't appreciate his relationship with Huo Mian being pried on by others. Plus, he didn't even think he had any relationship with Song Yishi.

"I like someone, and I will keep it to myself if it bothers others. Is that even too much to ask for?"

Far off in the distance, Jiang Xiaowei gazed at Song Yishi. She said quietly, "I don't like Song Yishi."

"Why not?" Wei Liao was surprised.

"No reason. It's just a feeling, a first impression."

"You shouldn't like her, she's probably Huo Mian's biggest competitor# she's the Qin Family's prized possession and Mrs. Qin's biggest weapon. She's also the only woman who can enter the Qin Manor as she wishes and see Qin Chu whenever she wants to."

Tang Chuan was always well-informed of these types of gossips, so he began to dissect Song Yishi. 

"Women like her# never mind, I don't think she's a threat to my Huo."

Due to her affection for Huo Mian, Jiang Xiaowei had a designated name for Huo Mian in front of strangers. She referred to her as 'my Huo'.

It was a very loving title...

Wei Liao chuckled, "I don't think she is as well. I don't think anyone can defeat Huo Mian when it comes to Qin Chu. There is no such thing."

Wei Liao had seen first-hand just how much Qin Chu loved Huo Mian. Therefore, the two of them agreed on the matter.

It was Tang Chuan, however, who delivered a blow, "I actually want her to defeat Huo Mian. That way, Huo Mian can cry in Young Master Su's embrace. My heart aches for Yu."

Jiang Xiaowei: "..."

Wei Liao: "..."

Fine, they were almost impressed by Tang Chuan's words# there was never enough trouble for that guy.

Not long after Song Yishi's arrival, Huo Siqian arrived as well. He was dressed in a very eye-catching red tuxedo.

Next to him was Mo Xue'er, dressed in a red strapless evening gown. She became the focal point the moment she arrived.

Many famous directors and producers immediately went up to her, all wishing to collaborate...

Huo Siqian and Su Yu stood off to the side...

"What a grand event..."

"This is already very low-key." Su Yu sipped at his champagne and smiled.

"Will she come?"

"Who?" Su Yu pretended to not know.

"You know, don't play dumb with me, okay?"

"Ha# I'm not sure. She didn't say, but I did invite her." Su Yu smiled bitterly. He wanted Huo Mian to come but knew that it was unlikely.

"I'm guessing that the girl# will come."

Huo Siqian then laughed mysteriously...

"How did you know? Did she tell you?" Su Yu saw a glimmer of hope.