Chapter 896: Her Deposition Is Very Important (7)

The others looked out to see Su Yu standing in the middle of the crowd with a glass of champagne in his hand. He was gazing out as if he was waiting for someone to come.

Su Yu's private mansion had a 400 square meter garden; everything was as luxurious as could be.

The design was unprecedented as well# Many celebrities began complimenting his mansion as soon as they stepped inside.

A red carpet was laid out from the front gates all the way to the mansion doors.

A stage was constructed beside the swimming pool, with a famous girl group dancing atop it.

There were western dishes, red wine, and champagne everywhere. There were hundreds of dishes and thousands of drinks.

The place was even decorated with countless flowers #

Su Yu was a man of luxury and extravagance; although he didn't announce his party to the world, he spared no money in decorations, making the entire place eye-catching and sumptuous.

"Su Yu# you're so handsome today, I think I'm falling in love with you," Tang Chuan walked up to him and said teasingly.

"Stop with the nonsense# help me greet the guests, I'm going crazy here." Su Yu was speechless.

A bunch of people who weren't even invited came out of nowhere; the scene was like a movie premiere, and all of the Imperial Star celebrities attended as well.

Even Annie Liang, whom GK poached, came to his party. She was wearing a red gown with seductive makeup and looked extremely pretty.

"Dr. Jiang, you sure are pretty today." Su Yu smiled as he looked at Jiang Xiaowei.

"I've always been pretty, okay?" Jiang Xiaowei said as she linked arms with Wei Liao.

"So when's little Wei Liao coming out?"

"The due day is August of next year," Wei Liao answered proudly; after all, he was the first of them to become a father.

"Hey# guys, look, who is that!" A few girls shrieked.

Su Yu and Wei Liao both looked towards the door as well#

A man in a red tuxedo came in through the door; he didn't smile and had sharp eyes.

He was very good looking, but no one seemed to recognize him.

"Is that# a new celebrity under Imperial Star? He's so handsome#"

"It shouldn't be, Imperial Star didn't promote him, but he is really hot#"

"Look at how handsome he is, he's not even smiling#"

The women chatted amongst themselves#

After walking in, he headed straight for Su Yu#

Then, he extended his hand. "Young Master Su, happy birthday."

"When in the world did you come back?" Su Yu was pleasantly surprised.

He was Shen Mingxi, who used to be one of the Four Princes of C City, along with Su Yu, Huo Siqian, and Wei Liao. He was the young heir of Northern Auto.

Tang Chuan's looks and family were nothing compared to his, so naturally, Tang Chuan didn't like him.

Shen Mingxi had been studying in England all this time, so not many have seen him in China.

Apparently, he and Su Yu were close friends. It seemed like the rumors were true.

"Last night."

"Why didn't you call? I could've picked you up."

"If I told you, would it be a surprise?" Shen Mingxi replied.

Su Yu smiled#

The two exchanged a few words before Shen Mingxi headed in#

"Why is that pretentious douche back?" Tang Chuan was unhappy.

"Hey# don't be so passive aggressive about the rankings back then, okay? He's doesn't even care, why do you?" Wei Liao smiled.

"I can't let it go, our families are about the same, but I lost because I'm not as handsome. Here's the thing though 每 I'm much more handsome than he is, okay?"

"Right, you're the most handsome man on this earth," Su Yu turned around to leave after saying this.

"What the hell, Su Yu, why do I feel like you are being very sarcastic!" Tang Chuan complained.

Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei broke into laughter#

"Hey, Wei Liao, do you think Qin Chu will come?"

"If the person was who was hitting on your wife held a birthday party, would you go?"

"Pffft# that's a great answer."

"How careless would he be if he came? If you don't believe me, let's make a bet. I'll bet you a yacht that Qin Chu isn't coming." Wei Liao smiled.