Chapter 890: Her Deposition Is Very Important (1)

"Huh, why aren't you replying?" Huo Siqian sent her another WeChat message.

"Huo Siqian, you seem to know many many secrets."

Huo Mian used 'many' twice, just to see Huo Siqian's reaction.

"Haha# I do know a lot." To her surprise, Huo Siqian didn't deny it.

Huo Mian felt her heart beat faster; perhaps Huo Siqian could give her the answers she was looking for?

She held her phone and nervously sent him another message.

"How much do you know?"

"How much do you want me to know?" Huo Siqian continued to beat around the bushes.

"How would I know how much you know?"

"What do you want to know? I know a lot# what do you want to hear about?" Huo Siqian said arrogantly#

Huo Mian didn't want to scare him off. She was afraid that his mysteriousness was a ploy to get information out of her.

Therefore, she asked vaguely, "I just wanted to know what happened a little over two decades ago. Everyone told me that my mom ran away with Huo Zhenghai's driver. Back then, Uncle Jing was indeed his driver, but I don't see what's wrong with them falling in love. Originally, I wanted to ask Uncle Jing about all this stuff but sadly, he died. It's all ancient history, and I can't even verify their story."

Huo Siqian chuckled upon hearing this#

"What are you laughing about?"

"I think# Jing De's death might be a good thing for you."

"You# what do you mean by that? Uncle Jing died for me# do you know how sad I've been?" Because of this, Huo Mian was forced to part with Qin Chu for seven years. How could Huo Siqian say that it was a 'good thing'?

"What I meant was# If Jing De didn't die, you would have."

"Yeah, he died to save me. That's why I'll be forever guilty#"

"How can you be sure he was trying to save you? Perhaps he was their original target. Plus, you don't know much about Jing De's character; I only remember the old man and my mom say that he was very cunning."

"How could that be? The car was coming at me# Huo Siqian, don't defame Uncle Jing. He's not on this earth anymore, so we have to be respectful#" Huo Mian clearly remembered what happened that day and therefore was angry with Huo Siqian's deductions. She found it hard to accept his biased comments.

"Haha# don't get agitated, I was just blabbering for fun." Huo Siqian chuckled again.

Upon seeing that Huo Mian was mad, Huo Siqian decided to let it go#

"So# are you coming to the announcement of the old man's new will?"

"Nope." Huo Mian was still determined.

"I know the old man well; even if you don't come, he'll still count you in," Huo Siqian added.

"I don't want it, even if he counts me in. Can I automatically forfeit?"

"Fine# Qin Chu has really treated you well, I can tell from the way you sound, you little rich mogul# It's for the best, all the money will be mine then, and I won't have to try to kick you out later, it's much easier on my end#"

After putting this seemingly half-serious, half-joking message out there, Huo Siqian stopped typing.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, felt like her entire body had gone cold#

She was only testing out the waters right now, but it seemed like Huo Siqian really did know a lot.

Uncle Jing's character# she never once suspected him. After all, he had treated her very well back in those years and never once picked on her.

However, Huo Mian also knew that Huo Siqian wasn't someone who spoke nonsense. There was always some truth to his words.

If what he said was real, then was there another truth behind what happened that year?

She thought that it was just a ploy carried out by the Qin Family to kill her.

Uncle Jing was just trying to save her; but Huo Siqian said that the target was Uncle Jing to begin with and not her?

If Uncle Jing hadn't died, then she would be the one who did? Was Uncle Jing not the man she thought he was?

If this was a few months ago, Huo Mian would never suspect Uncle Jing, who sacrificed his life to save her.

However now, every assumption was possible, because things had become more complicated and confusing.

Uncle Jing knew about her true identity but never uttered a word.

In Dong Tao Town, everyone who knew of the truth had faced tragic deaths#

Was there really a horrific person manipulating everything in the dark?

Did Uncle Jing's death have something to do with this?

What about Qin Chu's parents? Were they used as scapegoats? Were they just taken advantage of?

At this thought, Huo Mian shivered all over#

This was terrifying, what kind of person would plan out and control something for more than twenty years?

After she left the hospital, she drove straight to Sky Blessing Court.

After Zhixin left, she began wanting to spend more time with her mother.

"You're back from work?" Yang Meirong seemed happy to see her daughter.