Chapter 89: Pervert

"Hurry up and get out of here." Huo Mian panicked when she peeked through her fingers and noticed that Qin Chu had no intention of leaving.

"You are walking around the hallway naked in broad daylight... are you sure you are not trying to seduce me?" Qin Chu chuckled slightly and never for a second moved his eyes away from her body.

"I didn't know you were home. Who knew you would be home at this hour! Don't you have to work?" Huo Mian said angrily as she pointed at Qin Chu. Her face glowed with fury.

Qin Chu remained silent as his eyes followed her plump curves up and down.

"You pervert!"

Huo Mian felt like she had been completely exposed. She pushed Qin Chu away and ran towards the bedroom.

"C'mon Mrs. Qin. I am legally your husband, okay?" Qin Chu couldn't help but mutter to himself in the hallway.

- In the bedroom -

Huo Mian refused to leave the bedroom after she changed.

She had no idea how to face Qin Chu anymore, it was way too embarrassing...

Also, how dumb was she to listen to that stupid joke and attempt to cover her face?

There were only two people in the house, and in an attempt to cover her face, her body had been exposed completely. Not to mention that Qin Chu pointed out the flawed logic of covering her face.

If Zhu Lingling ever found out about this, she would surely question her status as a genius with an IQ of 130.

She felt like her brain forgot how to function properly over the last seven years...

Most importantly, Huo Mian thought Qin Chu was at work.

Shouldn't the president of GK be super busy? Why the heck was he chilling at home in broad daylight?

Plus, it wasn't even the weekend yet...

Can someone tell her what was going on?

Truth be told, Qin Chu was supposed to go to work today, but he was worried that Huo Mian would wake up with nothing to eat.

So, he decided to work from home via telecommunications. He had just cleaned out his email inbox when he noticed that it was almost noon.

He thought Huo Mian would wake up soon and therefore walked out of the study.

He had no idea that he would be able to witness such an interesting scene.

It was true that they slept together once seven years ago, but it wasn't exactly a great experience, because they were both young and na?ve.

They were both adults now and had been married for several days. Yet, they had not slept in the same bed once.

Now that this had happened, it was much more awkward, for Huo Mian of course.

However, Qin Chu thought whatever happened was a good thing. It wasn't until today that he found out how curvy Huo Mian was.

He never thought that the thin and bare-looking Huo Mian would have curves in all the right places.

For a moment, he wanted to charge over and have her beg for mercy under him.

But he knew that it wasn't the time, and doing so would frighten her.

Qin Chu waited in the living room for a while but Huo Mian still didn't come out. He figured that she probably felt embarrassed.

"Hey, are you going to hide in the bedroom forever?" He went upstairs and knocked on her bedroom door.

"Go away! I will come out as soon as you leave."

"Me leaving doesn't change the fact that I saw everything," Qin Chu smirked.

"Stop talking." Huo Mian covered her burning face.

"So, are you not planning to have lunch with me then?"

"Don't you have to go to work today?" Huo Mian asked behind the door.

"I'm staying home all day today, so there's no point in hiding."

"Why are you such a crook!" Huo Mian said angrily.

"I'd be a crook if I were to hide a camera in the shower, don't you think?" Qin Chu said slowly.

Huo Mian was left speechless.

"C'mon, let's go eat."


"Fine, if you are going to keep being stubborn like this, I will call Wu Zhongxing and tell him my wife will no longer be going back to work, and that you plan on hiding in the bedroom forever," Qin Chu said as he pretended to leave.

"Stop! How dare you interfere with my job!" Sure enough, Huo Mian immediately opened the door.

"Good thing you came out. C'mon, let's go eat. I'm starving," said Qin Chu as he began heading down the stairs.

Huo Mian wore a set of beige sportswear, her wet hair sitting loosely on her shoulders.

Her getup made her look much younger, almost like a high school student.

- Inside the Maybach -

Qin Chu stared at her for a couple of seconds; his eyes showed a slight tenderness that was difficult to capture.

"What are you looking at? You've never seen a pretty girl before?" Huo Mian said as she looked away and intentionally avoided eye contact with Qin Chu.