Chapter 888: Going All Out to Taint Your Reputation (9)

"Do you want to hear the truth?"

"I do." Qin Chu nodded.

"I don't want to go since Su Yu and I aren't close enough to celebrate each other's birthday. I don't know why he invited me, but even if I don't go, I still have to. Because# he gave me something on my birthday, and I want to give it back to him."

"What did he give you?" Qin Chu froze for a second.

Huo Mian never mentioned this to him; was she afraid that he would get jealous?

Huo Mian took out the bullet from her handbag#

"He gave you this?" Qin Chu picked up the bullet and examined it; there wasn't anything special about it.

"Yeah, he stopped my car on my way home and gave this to me. He told me that it represented a wish. He said that if I ever needed him to do something for me, I could go find him with this, and he'll help me no matter what."

"He sure is generous#" Qin Chu sounded a bit sour.

Huo Mian smiled as she leaned on Qin Chu's shoulder. "Hey, is Mr. Qin jealous?"

"Would you believe me if I said I wasn't?"


"I guess I am then." Qin Chu lovingly stroked her head.

"I knew how important this present is, so I've been looking for an opportunity to give it back to him, when better than his birthday? It's what I've been wanting to do."

"Sounds good, but there's something you need to pay attention to," Qin Chu gently reminded her.

"What?" Confused, Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu.

"The entire city's eyes are on Su Yu. There's going to be a lot of media outlets at his birthday party# Don't give anyone the chance to make groundless accusations, it'll be bad if someone blows things out of proportion. Plus, my dad's really thin-faced# If our personal matters affect the company, it might dampen his opinion of you#"

Qin Chu was very serious; he wasn't being unreasonable nor pretentious#

Not only had Qin Yumin's attitude towards Huo Mian gotten much better, he even accepted her as his daughter-in-law. However, if negative news erupted from this event, the old man's attitude towards her might change. Qin Chu didn't have to care about his mother, but he had to care about his father. After all, Qin Chu respected him.

Huo Mian completely understood what he was trying to say 每 she could go to his birthday party and enjoy a meal here.

But, don't let the media catch her doing anything out of line. If they magnified it, it would be bad for everyone's reputation.

After all, they were all public figures, and GK Film and Television was Imperial Star's competitor.

"I understand." Huo Mian nodded.

- The next morning -

As soon as Huo Mian got to the hospital, she received a phone call from Yingzi. The latter told her that Ni Yang was acting up and asked her to check up on him.

Huo Mian quickly put on her white lab coat and black-rimmed glasses. Upon reaching the top floor, she bumped into Ni Yang, who was in casual wear and ready to head out.

"Where are you going, dressed like this?"

"Sister Mian, perfect timing. I've been feeling suffocated and want to go out for a walk."

"No." Huo Mian blocked his way.

"Sister Mian# I can't believe you won't sympathize with me." Ni Yang was a little surprised.

"It's not that, I have to be responsible towards you#"

"So, are you telling me or not? What's my illness? If you don't tell me, then I want to be discharged, I don't want to stay here anymore# I'm going crazy, I don't like doctors, I want to go home."

Yingzi looked like she was struggling and didn't want to tell him#

Huo Mian fell silent as well#

"Why, are you going to keep me in the dark forever? Tell me, I'm not scared, even if I have cancer# I've had enough of this life anyway# Just tell me, don't hide things from me like I'm a child, I'll find out anyways before the surgery. You won't be able to forge my signature."

Ni Yang had a bad feeling these days; he felt like the nurses and doctors were being too careful around him.

Yingzi has been in a bad mood, and Huo Mian checked up on him three times a day.

Indigestion? Would he really believe them?