Chapter 886: Going All Out to Taint Your Reputation (7)

Shen Jiani felt cold and weak as if she was going to black out any second. The video took place at the end of last month when Huo Zhenghai was on a business trip, and in the video were her and her lover. It wasn't in high definition, but it was clear that she was kissing someone passionately in the video. Unlike photos, she couldn't use the excuse that it was photoshopped.

Shen Jiani was so scared she knelt to the floor and begged, "Zhenghai, I made a mistake..."

Without letting her finish, Huo Zhenghai raised her hand and slapped her across the face. She fell to the side immediately.

"Mom!" Huo Siyi and Huo Yanyan panicked and attempted to help her up.
"Don't touch her!" Huo Zhenghai roared. Huo Yanyan and Huo Siyi pulled back their shaky hands immediately.

"Mom, what's going on, what's this video about?" Huo Yanyan asked anxiously.

"Nothing too special, just a video about your mother and a man having an affair in an apartment under her name while your father was on a business trip," Jiang Hong ridiculed.

Huo Yanyan and Huo Siyi looked dumbstruck, while Huo Zhenghai's face grew darker...

"Shen Jiani, I would never have dreamt that you would cheat on me. Brilliant. You're quite brave you know? Have I not treated you well all these years? How dare you? How dare you?"

When confronted with Shen Jiani's betrayal, Huo Zhenghai was not only outraged; he felt extremely hurt.

It was true that he was a selfish man, and sometimes he would play around with other girls as well. But, when questioned, he always said that he loved Shen Jiani. He had tried his best to protect their son and daughter, he gave them not only his money but also his love.

He always thought Shen Jiani loved him deeply and never expected her to cuckold him.

"Who's the man?"Huo Zhenghai finally asked icily.

"Zhenghai, I'm sorry! Please forgive me this time. I will never do it again, I will never see him again, okay? Please, please believe me." Shen Jiani crawled over to Huo Zhenghai, but he only kicked her away.

"Don't touch me, you cunt," Huo Zhenghai swore.

"Dad, I've already investigated the man. His name is Zhu Xiu, he owns a restaurant, and he's also got a family of his own. According to the reports, he and Auntie Shen were junior high classmates and used to date. Oh, wait, no, they've been dating all these years. It turns out they've kept in touch all these years and are pretty good at hiding their tracks. Too bad that the reporters nowadays have better technology," Huo Siqian explained slowly.

"I see, junior high classmates. Was he your first love? Shen Jiani, I've provided for you all these years and you had the audacity to nurture a lover on the side?" 

"No, he's lying! We haven't contacted each other for years! It was only recently, I went to a class reunion and drank too much. I'm sorry, I promise I won't do it again! Zhenghai, please, believe me, I love you!"

With the confrontation, the usual level-headed Shen Jiani panicked. She had no idea what she was saying, all she did was cry and beg on the floor...

Huo Mian watched as Shen Jiani knelt to the floor and begged Huo Zhenghai with her hands around his leg. In order to keep her place in this glamorous world, she had chosen to forgo her dignity... 

"Dad, I'm sure Mom has her reasons..." Huo Siyi attempted to explain and help his mother. Huo Zhenghai lifted his free leg that wasn't tangled by Shen Jiani and gave Huo Siyi a kick and watched coldly as he fell towards the floor. 

"Get the hell out..."

"Oh, also, Siyi, you shouldn't be calling him 'Dad' anymore. I've sent your hair sample for testing, and your DNA is completely different from Dad's. I'm guessing you're Zhu Xiu's son. But of course, that's assuming that your mother only had one man on the side."