Chapter 885: Going All Out to Taint Your Reputation (6)

Everyone remained in silence. All six of them watched Huo Siqian unfold the story on his own. It seemed obvious what was happening, except to Huo Zhenghai and his little groupie.

Huo Mian knew that Huo Siqian had a tough card in his deck, and as soon as he revealed it, it will be all over for Shen Jiani. Oh, how he loved to kick a dog that was down. It was perfect timing since Shen Jiani had just bled out 400 million yuan.

Huo Siqian continued slowly, "The forum says a not so well-known celebrity was secretly going out with a millionaire. Except, the millionaire already had a wife, so she chose to be his mistress. In order to get what she wanted, she gave birth to a child and finally got her foot through the door."

Shen Jiani frowned as she heard the story play out; she understood Huo Siqian's intention.

"What's so interesting about this? In today's day and age, what's wrong with being a mistress? It means the woman's got skills! How else would the man fall in love with her? It's a society run by the law of the jungle! Just because the wife lost, she can't possibly blame everything onto the mistress. If she's capable of anything, then there wouldn't be any third wheel or fourth wheel in the first place!" Huo Yanyan attempted to stick up for her mother in a rather unclever way.

Huo Mian kept her silence and waited for the climax of the story to unfold...

Huo Siqian smiled and read on, "The millionaire spoiled the mistress and that child, and provided them with whatever they wanted. But what's funny is the fact that the millionaire never questioned the identity of the child. The child was never his to begin with, it was the mistress and her previous lover's child. What the millionaire also didn't know was that his beloved mistress had been cheating on him with that old lover of hers for all these years. Oh boy, the cuckolding is real."

Huo Mian made the connection and dawn of realization suddenly hit her. She stared at Shen Jiani in disbelief.

She's got a man on the side? One of her children was not Huo Zhenghai's? That's bloody dramatic.

Shen Jiani's face grew pale as fear crept into her eyes...
"Auntie Shen, is this story entertaining or what?" Huo Siqian smiled and asked Shen Jiani.

"Huo Siqian! What's your point! Are you implying something about my mother?" Huo Yanyan asked impatiently.

"I'm not implying anything, why would you think that?" Huo Siqian smiled.

Jiang Hong kept her silence and sipped tea; she seemed to already be in on this.

"These stories are bogus, are you questioning whether I'm my dad's daughter? You're hilarious," Huo Yanyan rolled her eyes and arrogantly countered Huo Siqian. Her blood test had shown she was the same blood type as Huo Zhenghai, and she had also sweetly offered to donate blood to her father whenever he was sick. So, of course, Huo Siqian was just bullshitting and making things out of nothing. Huo Yanyan rolled her eyes some more.

"You're getting ahead of yourself. The forum wasn't speaking of you, the mistress's child was a boy," as Huo Siqian spoke, he glanced over at Huo Siyi profoundly.

Huo Zhenghai was old, but he hadn't lost his mind yet. He understood Huo Siqian's implications.

"Siqian, you shouldn't be focusing on these kinds of gossip. They're mostly untrue and are there to make people's lives difficult," Huo Zhenghai said.

"That's true, but Dad, I found out a very interesting secret."

"What secret?" startled, Huo Zhenghai asked.

Huo Siqian pulled out his phone and began playing a video. He then handed his phone over to his father.

Huo Zhenghai's face grew pale as he grew restless, almost frantic...

"Where, where did you get this??" He was flabbergasted.

"A friend of mine that works at a news company filmed it by coincidence and sent it to me. I bought it for three million yuan, or it would have been on the news."

"What kind of video costs three million?" Jiang Hong chuckled intentionally and asked.

Huo Mian and Qin Chu exchanged glances; they both understood what was about to happen.

Huo Zhenghai tossed the phone in front of Shen Jiani and bellowed, "See for yourself!"

As the video played itself out, Shen Jiani's face grew increasingly pale. By the end of it, she looked like a ghost...