Chapter 884: Going All Out to Taint Your Reputation (5)

"You invited Mian?" Huo Zhenghai asked in surprise.

"Yes, Mother came back today, and we don't do family reunions that often."

Soon, everyone was seated at the table. Huo Siyi had his head down and spoke of nothing. For the past couple of days, he had been home, too afraid to go out.

Since his resignation, Huo Zhenghai had cut off his allowance. He was officially grounded and was supposed to be reflecting on what he did.
Mian Mian had WeChat messaged him, and without much freedom, he had to reply in secret.

"President Qin, this is your first time at our house, isn't it?" Huo Yanyan sounded rather enthusiastic and initiated a conversation with Qin Chu.

"Yes," Qin Chu answered coldly.
"You look much better in person! I heard GK Film and Television is doing very well," Huo Yanyan continued.

Qin Chu looked at her slightly and didn't know how to answer. Everything she said was unimportant.

"Thanks for your concern, GK Film and Television has been doing pretty well," Huo Mian smiled and answered in lieu of him.

Huo Yanyan ignored Huo Mian and continued to stare at Qin Chu dreamily. "Can I visit the company when I have time? I really like Annie Liang, she's really pretty and is a very good actress."

"None of our celebrities are at the company, they are all working out of town," Qin Chu politely declined.

"I see# Can you get me an autograph or something?" Huo Yanyan continued to ask in a very thick-skinned manner.

"Have you ever seen any company owners ask their employees for autographs?" Huo Mian asked, amused.

"Yanyan, it's not good for someone like Qin Chu to do something like that. Stop thinking about irrelevant things," Shen Jiani said.

"Mian, I heard you're a doctor now," Jiang Hong's information was rather up-to-date.


"I've reviewed the Huo Foundation's accounts. There's been no mistakes, and not a penny went missing. You're doing a great job!"

"Thank you, I'm just doing my job."

When faced with Jiang Hong's compliments, Huo Mian didn't appear slightly pleased at all. She knew it just small talk and would never take it to heart.

"Qin Chu, about that land that we spoke about...?"

"The project won't begin until next year. Perhaps after the New Year," Qin Chu said.

"Oh, okay. As long as you remember what I said," Huo Zhenghai said. He had a thick face and still remembered that he wanted a share of the pie.

"You two have been married for a while now, any news from Mian's tummy?" Shen Jiani asked with a smile.

Huo Mian knew that Shen Jiani was asking intentionally because she wanted to embarrass her.

But before he could answer, Qin Chu answered, "Mian is still young, we're not in a hurry. We're planning to wait."

"Oh, I see." Shen Jiani raised her brows and nodded.

Huo Mian wrapped her hands around Qin Chu's hand tightly under the table. She felt safe beside him. He's always in front of her, protecting her...

"Mian is rather young. Kids can wait, right? What if Mian grows tired of Qin Chu? Having no kids will make divorce a simple one, you guys won't need to fight for custody."

Everyone's jaw fell open as they heard Huo Siqian finish...

"Ha, I'm kidding. They're so in love, why would that ever happen?" he continued.

Qin Chu glanced over at Huo Siqian with a slight smirk at the corner of his mouth, "No point in having these jokes. Huo Mian is my bottom line, I do not tolerate any jokes related to her," he said defiantly.

"Okay, my bad. President Qin, don't be upset!" Huo Siqian continued to joke as if nothing was wrong.

"Never mind him, Siqian likes to joke around," Jiang Hong said in an attempt to mediate.

"There's been gossip on some forums recently that's rather funny, do you guys want to hear them?" Huo Siqian asked as he held a tablet in his hand.

No one responded since they didn't know what to say.
"I'll read it to you guys, it's an interesting story. I guarantee you guys will like it," he continued.

Excitement glimmered in his eyes, and Huo Mian knew the show was about to begin...