Chapter 878: She’s So Stubborn that It Hurts to Watch (9)

"Let's go, I'm about to head downstairs as well."

Qin Chu didn't refuse and went downstairs with Song Yishi#

- Inside the Western restaurant below GK -

Both of them ordered steak set meals.

Then, Song Yishi took out a blueprint and passed it to Qin Chu.

"What is this?"

"I'm planning to open a drawing school, and I came across this when I was picking out the location. This is a retail space in one of GK's new buildings, and seven floors in this building are empty. Since it hasn't been rented out yet, and the location is quite nice, I wanted to ask you if you could rent it to me."

"You want to open a school?"

"Yes# I've been back in the country for quite a while now, so I can't just live off of my parents. Truth be told, studying art for all these years, I originally wanted to open up a studio, but you know what it's like here. Not a lot of people understand art, so I wouldn't have much business. I might as well go all the way and open up a school. That way, I can teach children; it seems like a good way to go."

"Oh." Qin Chu lightly nodded.

"Can you rent this place to me? I'll definitely pay you a lot in rent," laughed Song Yishi.

"Just use it, we were going to rent it out anyways. As for the rent# just pay what you normally would and sign a contract with the administration department. I don't normally handle these things."

"Okay, thank you." Song Yishi nodded in gratitude.

Qin Chu then looked down and sent Wechat messages with Huo Mian.

He looked very focused#

He completely forgot about Song Yishi, who was sitting awkwardly across from him.
So while Qin Chu was recording a voice message to Huo Mian, she purposely said, "Chu, your father just came back from the country. He wants you back home for dinner tonight."

Huo Mian just happened to hear this.

She typed a message out to Qin Chu. "You're with Song Yishi?"

"Yes, she came to see me to rent a space under GK."

"Why does she need to discuss this with you, can't she just talk to the administration about it?" Huo Mian was unhappy.

"I don't know either."

"Humph# wait and see how I interrogate you when you get home."

"Honey, it's not my fault."

"Did I say that it was your fault? Why are you confessing already?" Huo Mian asked domineeringly.

Qin Chu: "#"

"Qin Chu, Qin Chu?" Song Yishi refused to give up when she saw him ignoring her, so she called out his name two more times.

"Yes?" Qin Chu finally looked up.

"Your father came back, he#"

"I know, I'll contact him later."

"Oh, okay." Song Yishi nodded.

After they finished eating, Qin Chu paid the bill and went straight back to his office.

Song Yishi drove off to have afternoon tea with a few other socialites.

However, to her surprise, she ran into Huo Siqian.

"Hi# Miss Song," Huo Siqian greeted her.

"Young Master Huo."

"Young Master Huo."

The other socialites greeted him as well. Huo Siqian got along quite well with others inside this circle, and everyone, both male, and female liked hanging out with him.

Except for Su Yu and Qin Chu, that is#

"Young Master Huo," Song Yishi greeted him back.

"I haven't seen you for a few days, and you've gotten even prettier."

"Thanks." Song Yishi smiled gracefully.

"Are you free tonight? I booked a spot at Phoenix Terrace, would you like to have dinner together?" Huo Siqian took the initiative and asked her out.

"I'm sorry, I already have plans tonight."

"Oh, if that's the case# another day then."


"Please enjoy, it's my treat," Huo Siqian gentlemanly paid the bill after he spoke and left the restaurant.

After he left, the other socialites immediately began gossiping.

"Is Huo Siqian courting you, Shi?"

"Yeah, Young Master Huo loves beautiful women. You're so gorgeous, he must have feelings for you. Plus, he even asked you to dance during your dad's cocktail party."
"I also heard that he hasn't been seeing anyone after he broke up with Mo Xue'er. Yishi, he really might be interested in you."

"You guys are overthinking things, I don't think he feels that way about me," Song Yishi smiled.