Chapter 875: She’s So Stubborn that It Hurts to Watch (6)

"Mom# don't blab about the truth."

"#What can I say to you? Outsiders keep saying that you're a playboy# who has countless girlfriends and is surrounded by rumors nonstop# but I know you were just having your fun and don't actually like any of them# You've been stubborn ever since you were a child, you have to have whatever you like# It's a good thing, it means you're loyal, but# it's also a bad thing# Son# you can't steal what isn't yours, we must have moral standards."

"Mom# I haven't troubled her at all# and when I met her, I didn't know that she was married. I absurdly confessed to her once, and was rejected# and I never spoke of it ever again. My wish is actually very simple now, I'd be very happy as long as I can see her occasionally# I don't plan on taking action. I will never humiliate the Su Family."

"That's good#" Mrs. Su's expression improved when she heard what her son said.

- The next morning -

Su Yu woke up at 6 AM, and the driver drove him to pick up his grandfather's guests at the airport in a Bentley.

At the VIP exit, an old skinny man and a young woman in her early twenties came out.

The old man wore a grey Chinese tunic suit and looked very upright and serious.

The girl was very lively. She wore a leather jacket, paired with a short skirt, black stockings, and tall boots.

She looked very stylish with a head of curls, and she appeared as sweet as a doll.

Su Yu walked up to the old man. "Grandpa Xu?"

"Yes, I am Xu Qiushan." The elder looked very honorable.

"Hello, Grandpa Xu, I am Su Yu."
"You're the grandson of our old team leader, what a fine-looking man. Not bad, not bad," the old man complimented Su Yu.

The girl behind him immediately interrupted, "Ah# so you're Su Yu. I know you, I hear that you've been dating Jian Tong recently, aren't you?"

The girl laughed as she gossiped#

The old man turned around, "Min, don't be rude." Then, he introduced her to Su Yu, "This is my granddaughter, Xu Jiamin."

Su Yu slightly nodded, and then he led the two of them into the car heading straight back to the Su Manor.

On the way, the girl spoke to Su Yu nonstop in the back seat.

"I hear that a local heir has become the sugar daddy of Mian Mian, is it true?"

Su Yu, "#"

"Are you really dating Jian Tong? Or is it just for show? Did you sleep with Annie Liang? Did you ditch Annie Liang because you began dating Jian Tong? Is that why she signed with GK, just to piss you off? Oh, and# you have a really pretty voice, I saw the live broadcast of you singing Just Once at GK's thirty-year-anniversary celebration, was it for Jian Tong?"

Su Yu, "#"

This girl's mouth moved like a machine gun; she kept asking Su Yu questions, leaving the latter feeling cornered.

"Your questions are sharper than the reporters', how am I supposed to answer them?" Su Yu felt helpless.

"That's fine, just answer them one by one."

Su Yu, "#"

"Jiamin, don't be rude#" The old man had a headache as well. It truly was a wrong decision to take this gossipy little granddaughter with him on vacation. 

- At the Su mansion -

Their grandfathers immediately hit it off when they saw each other#

Then, Su Yu found out that his grandpa was the team leader of a troop during the Korean War, and this old man was his old comrade, who had fought with him through life and death. He was a year older than Su Yu's grandpa, but he deeply respected Grandpa Su. He was also the chief of a southern military district, and his status was just a little lower than Grandpa Su's.

He had quite a lot of children, and they all worked for the military# Their family had quite a background.
Xu Jiamin was the youngest daughter of his youngest son, so the entire family spoiled her to no end.

It might be because everyone spoiled her that she had no filter at all#

"Yu, take Min out. Young people should have more things in common to talk about," Grandpa Su took the initiative.

Even though Su Yu didn't want to, he still nodded.

"Let's go."

He turned around and left the mansion with Xu Jiamin.

"Su Yu# take me to Imperial Star. I like Jian Tong so much# she is my favorite female celebrities. I don't like Zhao Qingya, even though she's really pretty, she also seems fake. Oh right, the Internet said that she went abroad to study and left the entertainment industry. Is that true? Why isn't there any news about her anymore?"