Chapter 873: She’s So Stubborn that It Hurts to Watch (4)

"It is# I thought you were high and mighty and didn't want to live with me, so you ran off to hang out with your cousins. Why? Did they get sick of you, so you had to come home?"

"You# your words are really overwhelming#" Qin Yumin felt like his wife's vicious tongue had hurt too many people.

"I've always been like this, you've known me for so long# You're funny, why are you pretending to be a gentleman with me now?"

Upon seeing their unhappy conversation, Song Yishi immediately smiled. "Mrs. And Mr. Qin, dinner's ready. Lan and I made shrimp dumplings, they're delicious."

"Yishi, you're the best#" Mrs. Qin beamed as she strutted downstairs.

Qin Yumin didn't say anything else. After the maid took his luggage upstairs, the three of them sat down in the dining room.

"You're not leaving the country anymore, right, Yishi?" Qin Yumin asked.

"No, I'm not leaving."

"Have you thought about what you want to do? Do you want to come and work at GK?" Qin Yumin was very close to Mayor Song, so he treated Song Yishi politely.

"That's a good idea, you can go help Chu," Mrs. Qin interjected.

"Mr. and Mrs. Qin, thank you for the kind offer# but I can't. I didn't study finance, I'm a painter, so I won't be of much help to him. I plan to open up a high-end art school and teach children how to draw and paint, it'll be a good way to pass time."

"Shi, you're a really warm-hearted child#" Mrs. Qin was close to being infatuated by Song Yishi.

She praised everything Song Yishi said.

Qin Yumin nodded as well. "That's a good idea. After all, you've been studying art for years, so you're putting that knowledge into use. Your father will be proud of you."

"Yeah, daddy's really supportive of my decision, and he has been helping me look for a place to rent."

"Hey, Shi, have you called Chu? Ask him If he wants to come back for dinner."

"I shouldn't# he usually has dinner with Huo Mian."

Ever since her awkward encounter with Huo Mian last time when she went to drop food off for Qin Chu, she had had some misgivings.

She also stopped looking for Qin Chu#

This was because she realized that Huo Mian wasn't an easy opponent.

"What are you scared of, huh? So what if Huo Mian's with him, who cares# Is she the sun? Does the world have to revolve around her? Take out your phone# You, call him and tell him that you're back, our son will come back for sure," Mrs. Qin said as she pointed at Qin Yumin domineeringly#

"I'm a little tired, let's call them over another day."

"No, you have to call now, and# don't tell Huo Mian to come; I get pissed off whenever I see her."

Ever since she fell down outside Huo Mian's old house, Mrs. Qin detested her even more.

She treated Huo Mian like her mortal enemy, a prick in her eye#

"You're just making our son's life harder."

"Isn't he doing the same thing to me? He knows how much I hate her# but he still married her to piss me off# Didn't I tell you? Her stupid family caused my injuries this time# Thank god I'm healthy, or else I would've died. Do you know how vicious Huo Mian was? She didn't even help me up when I fell down and even made fun of me# Thank god Shi arrived on time to take me to the hospital. I will hate that little bitch forever," Mrs. Qin said nonstop.

"I'm full, you guys enjoy# Shi, I'll be upstairs."

"Hey, are you mad that I'm talking smack about your son? What kind of man are you?" Mrs. Qin was still unwilling to let go.

Qin Yumin ignored her, got up, and headed upstairs. He obviously didn't want to listen to her drone on and on.

"Mrs. Qin# never mind, Mr. Qin just got off a long-distance flight, he must be exhausted# Let him rest first, we can ask Qin Chu to eat dinner with us any other night."

"Fine, since it's you who's asking, I'll let him be," Mrs. Qin said unreasonably.

"Shi# did your parents start setting you up on dates?"

"No, I'm not in that much of a hurry, I don't want to date," a little shy, Song Yishi said.

Upon seeing her reaction, Mrs. Qin immediately grabbed her hand and asked, "Shi, if Chu gets divorced, will you marry him?"

Song Yishi froze upon hearing this question#