Chapter 871: She’s So Stubborn that It Hurts to Watch (2)

Huo Siqian reached out to throw Mo Xue'er's hands off his neck#

Then, he turned around to look at her, with a spurious smile on his face#

"Xue'er, you seemed to be very interested in Huo Mian."

"Yes# very interested." Mo Xue'er smiled sweetly.

"Xue'er, you're a smart woman. We've been together for a long time, so you know what to do and what not to do# Don't touch my bottom line and don't probe me# Oh, and# don't go harassing Huo Mian again, nothing good will come of it for you."

Then, Huo Siqian got up to leave#

"Siqian# I didn't do it on purpose# I just think you#"

"How I treat her has nothing to do with you, it's not like you're my wife# Don't poke your nose in my business# Don't try to guess what I'm thinking# and don't do things that will embarrass everyone, including yourself# If you like being with me, then we'll keep having fun. If you don't like being with me, then you can find yourself a boyfriend. I'd be okay with that."

Then, Huo Siqian placed his wine glass onto the wine rank, making a loud 'clang'.

It was obvious that he was unhappy with Mo Xue'er#

Mo Xue'er was a little scared when Huo Siqian acted that way; the entire world saw Huo Siqian as a gentle, humorous man who treated his employees well and rarely showed his temper.

However, only Mo Xue'er knew who he really was 每 he was the most ill-tempered person that ever existed.

However, he was good at faking# That's why most people didn't know this side of him.

Knowing that Zhixin was leaving soon, Huo Mian was in a bad mood and seemed distracted at work.

"Huo Mian, are you okay?" Department Director Li asked.

"I'm fine."

"You don't look fine# have you not had enough rest recently?" Director Li asked, worried about her.

Ever since Huo Mian was transferred to the Neurology Department, a huge weight had been lifted off of Director Li's shoulders.

She would delegate most things to Huo Mian during meetings, and the latter seemed capable of handling everything.

Director Li liked Huo Mian and was impressed by her talent and hard work.

She seemed to see the younger version of herself in Huo Mian#

"Mhm, something's been going on at home, and I haven't been in a good mood."

"Do you want a few days off?"

"No, it's okay. The department's busy, and I don't need time off." Ever since she took a week off to go to the Maldives, Huo Mian really didn't have the heart to ask Department Director Li or Hospital Director Wu for more days off.

Since the hospital was busy, it wasn't good for her to run off to have fun all the time.

She wasn't who she used to be either; she used to be a nurse, so her job wasn't as demanding.

Now, she had to be responsible for her patients and her colleagues, and couldn't only think about what made herself happy.

Most of South Side's employees knew that although Huo Mian married rich, she still lived like an ordinary person.

She was neither flashy nor boastful and contributed greatly to South Side. Most people liked her very much.

"Okay then, let me know if you need some personal time, I'll ask others to take your place for a couple of days."

"I will, thank you, Director Li."

After a morning of consults, Huo Mian went to the cafeteria for lunch with low spirits.

She bumped into Xie Juan outside the cafeteria.

"Dr. Huo."

"Ms. Xie#."

"I haven't eaten yet, let's talk while having lunch."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded.

After taking some food, they sat down in a corner of the cafeteria.

"How's Shuai Shuai doing?"

"Pretty good; Director Qi said that he's recovering well and has high spirits. He'll be discharged in three or four days."

"Mhm, I found a new place for you guys to live at, you shouldn't go back to where you used to live, it's not safe for you and Shuai Shuai. Plus, he's still recovering, and your old place is dark and dingy. I rented a 60-square-meter apartment unit in the Northern New District, it's really close to 14th High School. I also went through connections and talked to the principal there, so Shuai Shuai can go to school there."

"Dr. Huo, I have nothing to say towards your kindness. I will never be able to pay you back for it# I will remember everything you've done for us. I came here today to tell you that I've made up my mind and want to donate my liver to Ni Yang."

Huo Mian looked at her in pleasant surprise. "Ms. Xie, you've made your decision?"

"Yes# but I have a request."

"Tell me."

Huo Mian thought that Xie Juan would ask for money; after all, they were poor, and their livelihoods could not be guaranteed.