Chapter 870: She’s So Stubborn that It Hurts to Watch (1)

Huo Zhenghai's expression dimmed upon hearing this. "This isn't the time to discuss this, you still need to think of a way to produce 400 million yuan#"

"Zhenghai# don't tell me you're actually refusing to help us. You won't be that cruel, right?" Shen Jiani asked as tears fell from her eyes.

Throughout these years, Shen Jiani's gentleness had been like an opioid that Huo Zhenghai was addicted to.

This time was no exception#

Even if Huo Zhenghai was furious, Huo Siyi was still his son, his only biological son.

After a long silence, Huo Zhenghai finally said, "I can provide you with the rest of the money# but# Siyi has to resign and leave the Huo Corporation."

"Why?" Shen Jiani was flustered.

"Isn't it obvious? Huo Siqian's targeted him, and he'll be forced to take more blame in the future# If he continues working at the Huo Corporation, I can't guarantee that he won't make any more mistakes. I was wondering why Huo Siqan would be so generous, making Siyi vice-president# He planned it all along," Huo Zhenghai said slowly#

Shen Jiani seemed to be suddenly enlightened, "I didn't pay much attention to it back then, but he was plotting against us even back then? So is he working with Huo Mian?"

"I don't know about Huo Mian, but nonetheless, as the chairman of the board, I have to provide an explanation to the board members. Once we pay the money back and Siyi resigns from the Huo Corporation, we'll be safe again."

"Dad# I'll do what you say." Huo Siyi obediently nodded his head.

"Now you know to listen to me? What were you doing earlier?" Huo Zhenghai spat, still angry.

Huo Siyi looked down, afraid to say anything else#

Upon seeing that his father had agreed to help, Huo Yanyan immediately crawled up from the floor. She massaged his shoulders, "Dad, I knew you would help us, you love us, right?"

"Don't go around causing trouble anymore# Hurry up and go on some set-up dates# and get married# Huo Siqian is full-fledged# Soon, we won't be able to compete against him anymore. I don't want to drag this out any longer, we need to quickly end this war."

"Zhenghai, you want to#?" Before Shen Jiani finished her question, Huo Zhenghai nodded, "yeah."

He didn't use his words, but his intention was obvious 每 he wanted to declare war against Huo Siqian and kick him out of the board of directors#

"I'll find a time to convince Huo Mian. As long as we go from Yang Meirong's angle, she'll easily agree. With Qin Chu's help, it'll be easier for us to win."

Even now, Huo Zhenghai still wanted to take advantage of Huo Mian#

The four of them began plotting at home#

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, sat in the study of his private mansion, monitoring everything from his screen.

He smiled as he sipped on red wine#

"That old man# old age has made him stupid# I can't believe he's still trying to get rid of me# I guess he hasn't learned his lesson yet," Huo Siqian mumbled to himself.

"You want Mian to help you as well? Are you dreaming#?" He laughed satisfyingly.

Huo Siqian placed bugs all over the Huo Family mansion, including Huo Siyi and Huo Yanyan's cellphones.

Huo Mian was right 每 it was a cakewalk for Huo Siqian to deal with people like them.

It only depended on whether he wanted to#

Just then, Mo Xue'er came out from behind, wearing a bathrobe#

Huo Siqian didn't try to hide anything and kept watching the surveillance footage#

"Haha# are they still plotting against you?"

"Yeah# it's been their biggest dream, all these years," Huo Siqian smiled.

"I'm curious, doesn't the old man feel anything towards you over all these years? After all, you were brought into the Huo Family at a very young age," Mo Xue'er asked as she embraced Huo Siqian's neck from behind.

Every time she spent the night at his mansion, she always had the illusion that he loved her.

At least he loved her while they were in bed#

However, after the throws of passion, that feeling would slowly disappear, leaving her hot and bothered.

To her, Huo Siqian was a forever mystery#

She couldn't understand him, nor could she let him go#

She was even going to go further her career in the U.S. and never come back, but as soon as he called her, she went to sign with GK.

All to satisfy Huo Mian's wishes#

She threw away her future and career, just to make Huo Siqian happy.

"He's a very selfish man. Even though I've been by his side for twenty-something years, I'm not related to him, so he'll still toss me aside like garbage. But that's a good thing, at least I won't feel bad when I take them on. They won't be able to play the family card on me."

Then, Huo Siqian tilted his glass and drank all the red wine#

Mo Xue'er's face was glued to Huo Siqian's chin, intimately nuzzling his well-formed jaw.

"What do you plan to do after getting rid of them? What will you do to Huo Mian? Kick her out of the board of directors and the Huo Corporation?" Mo Xue'er quietly asked.