Chapter 869: Chaos in the Huo Family (10)

"Zhenghai# I don't have that much, but I couldn't stand seeing our son go to prison#he's your son as well."

"Don't change the subject. Tell me, how much have you saved up over all these years?"

"Zhenghai#" Shen Jiani wanted to coyishly brush past the subject.

"Answer me."

"I didn't do it on purpose, I just wanted to leave ourselves with a Plan B# If something were to happen down the road, at least we won't end up on the streets#" Shen Jiani explained quietly.

"So? How much did you save up?"

Huo Siyi and Huo Yanyan sat beside their mother, not daring to make a sound.

Jiang Hong went to stay at her mother's, so it was just the four of them at home, making the conversation easier.

"Not that much, just a little over 200 million#"

Shen Jiani said quietly#

"Hahaha# just a little over 200 million# Shen Jiani, I've really underestimated you, you've sure got your ways#" Huo Zhenghai sneered.

"Zhenghai# the 200 million isn't all in cash, I made some money financing and investing in the stock market as well as real estate. It's not just the Huo Family's money."

"So# you have more than 200 million. What about the rest of the 100 or so million?" Huo Zhenghai asked, word for word.

"Zhenghai# Siyi is your son too, you have to help him. Can you help us with the rest?"

Shen Jiani reached out to grab Huo Zhenghai's hand, but he slapped it away.

"Don't even think about it, do you really think I'd wipe his butt after this. Why didn't he think of his old man before doing what he did, huh? How old is he? Where is his brain? Why would he do something like this? Do you know how embarrassed I was in front of the board of directors today?"

Huo Zhenghai was absolutely furious#

"Dad# I didn't do it on purpose, I just#"

"Shut up# I'll deal with you later."

After pointing and cursing at Huo Siyi, Huo Zhenghai looked at Shen Jiani icily. "I'm not giving you any money. He should just go to jail."

"How can you# do that?"

"He brought this onto himself# All these years, we spoiled him to no end. Look what came of him# he's in his twenties, yet Imperial Star's Su Yu is in his twenties and GK's Qin Chu is in his twenties as well# Why is he so different from them?"

"Right# I almost forgot# Zhenghai# can you ask Huo Mian to ask Qin Chu to lend us 100 million?"

"Are you crazy? Are you asking me to borrow money from them?"

"Isn't she your daughter?"

"Oh, now you recognize her as my daughter? Weren't you the one who said# she was the offspring of a bitch, and that she might not even be my child?"

The truth was, Huo Zhenghai's refusal to acknowledge Huo Mian and her mother had everything to do with Shen Jiani.

She brainwashed him in bed and placed obstacles in the way#

She was scared that another person would appear to share Huo Zhenghai's inheritance money.

Now that something bad happened, she remembered Huo Mian.

"I# back then I was angry at Yang Meirong. Zhenghai# you can't stand there and do nothing, you know how ambitious that animal Huo Siqian is. You're not even his birth father, do you think he'll put in all his effort to manage the Huo Corporation? Are you willing to hand everything over to him?"

Tears swam in Shen Jiani's eyes as she begged him# She was very emotional, trying to get Huo Zhenghai's sympathy.

"So what if I'm not his birth father? He's still better than this money-squandering good-for-nothing." Huo Zhenghai really was angry.

"Zhenghai# if you don't help us, the three of us won't be able to survive this#"

"Daddy# please# Help my brother, you can't just watch. I will definitely marry a rich man and put our family before anything. I will listen to you in the future and marry whoever you want me to."

Huo Yanyan kneeled down onto the ground and begged her father; she may be brainless, but she still loved her little brother and didn't want to see him go to jail.

"Now you think of me? What were you doing before?"

"Dad# I've really learned my lesson this time. Huo Siqian framed me, I really don't know where the 300 million went#"

As soon as Huo Siyi finished his sentence, Huo Zhenghai smashed an ashtray on his head.

"Let me tell you, that's why you're an idiot. You were framed, but you kept denying it, rather than avoid it# With your brain, of course, you couldn't take 400 million, but you deserved to be accused and framed."

"Dad#" Huo Siyi cried and wailed, not sure what he was supposed to do.

"Zhenghai# do you think Huo Mian and Huo Siqian paired up to frame Siyi this time?" Shen Jiani suddenly thought of this.