Chapter 865: Chaos in the Huo Family (6)

When everyone saw the third set of documents, they immediately understood what happened.

No matter how powerful hackers were, they still didn't have the ability to transfer funds directly out of the Finance Department.

Only after the corporation representative agreed to transfer funds would the Finance Department be able to do so. Then, hackers would take the opportunity to snatch the money along the way and transfer it into a shell account before finally withdrawing it.

Truth be told, this wasn't a smart move; under what circumstances did Huo Siyi sign those papers?

Huo Siyi was dumbfounded as well; he remembered that he was fooling around with one of the female assistants at the corporation one day.

The two of them later discussed this, and because that female assistant had been working at the corporation for a while, she knew about these things.

Huo Siyi had been thinking of ways to show his rich friends that he was a generous man since they kept making fun of him for being stingy.

However, he never thought that something like this would happen; he didn't think that 60 million yuan was a lot. At most, his mother could fill in the hole for him.

However, to his surprise, Huo Siqian made him take responsibility for the other 300 or so million yuan that disappeared as well. He couldn't even defend himself.

"Dad# I'm sorry, it was my fault, I shouldn't have listened to Qi Jiali, it was her idea#"

"Qi Jiali?" Huo Zhenghai looked at him icily.

"Oh# she's Huo Siyi's personal assistant who had been working for the corporation for 3 years. She's quite talented but resigned three days ago. I checked, and she already left the country. We don't know what happened, but I think she ran away."

"Ridiculous! Huo Siyi, how dare you?"

Huo Zhenghai's heart almost exploded upon hearing that his son and a female assistant worked together to dupe the corporation out of such a large amount of money. The latter even ran away.

"Siyi# how can you be so stupid? Why didn't you discuss it with me first?"

Shen Jiani was both angry and hateful that her son was tricked# but she couldn't voice those emotions.

"Little brother# 60 million yuan isn't a lot, but the total amount of 400 million is. It's not just our money, a part of it is the shareholders'# If you don't fill in the void and someone blows this up to the public, you might have to face charges and jail time. Think about it# you are still young#" Huo Siqian kept scaring Huo Siyi in an attempt to make him break down mentally.

Indeed, Huo Siyi was a chicken who couldn't withstand threats like that#

"Mom# it's all my fault, please help me. I did spend 60 million yuan, you must've saved up quite a lot of side money over the years, can you pay them for me? I don't want to go to jail#"

"Nonsense# What do you think you're saying?" Shen Jiani's face almost turned green.

No one, aside from Huo Yanyan and Huo Siyi, knew about the fact that she had been saving money on the side, not even Huo Zhenghai.

She was beyond embarrassed, upon seeing her secret revealed, just like that.

Huo Zhenghai looked at Shen Jiani with a complicated expression on his face; he seemed to be disappointed with her.

"Zhenghai# Don't listen to this kid, he's agitated and is talking nonsense# Why would I have money on the side?" Shen Jiani explained.

"So, what now? Siyi, do you want to tell us where the money went, or go to jail?" Huo Siqian continued pushing Huo Siyi into a corner.

Huo Mian looked at everything indifferently 每 Huo Zhenghai's fury, Shen Jiani's derangement, Huo Yanyan's confusion, and Huo Siyi's begging#

She suddenly thought of a phrase, 'what goes around comes around'#

Back then, the Huo Family was arrogant as could be; because Shen Jiani successfully became a part of their family, she constantly ridiculed and insulted her mother in front of media outlets.

Huo Siyi and Huo Yanyan were born with superiority complexes, and they thought of themselves as priceless while Huo Mian was just a lowly weed in comparison.

Today, they finally fell, deep and hard#

Of course, this was all thanks to Huo Siqian's meticulous planning.

Huo Mian guessed right 每 she knew that Huo Siyi's appointment of vice presidency was nothing but Huo Siqian's trap#

Kudos to Huo Zhenghai for assuming that his young son was mature and experienced enough to wield that much power#

His old age had obviously slowed down his brain.

"I didn't take 400 million, I told you already# I only took 60 million yuan, why won't any of you believe me?" Huo Siyi stood up, pointed at everyone in the room and began to throw a tantrum.

It seemed that he had completely lost his cool#