Chapter 864: Chaos in the Huo Family (5)

"How dare you deny it, Huo Siyi# how dare you?" Never in Huo Zhenghai's dreams would he have thought that his son would do anything like this.

Buying presents for female celebrities, having sex with foreign stars, spending hundreds of millions at the casino#

Huo Zhenghai had never been so lavish throughout his entire life, not even to Shen Jiani, whom he loved dearly.

"Dad# don't listen to their nonsense# I did spend the 60 million, but I didn't pocket the other 300 million yuan# I really didn't, I don't know where the money is either," flustered, Huo Siyi forgot to think before blurting this out.

Huo Mian immediately asked, "So you admit that you took the 60 million?"

All the board members looked at Huo Siqian with resentment and disdain#

Shen Jiani's expression was as grim as can be. She reminded him, "Siyi# think before you speak, don't talk nonsense."

Huo Siyi could no longer endure the pressure; he fell down to his knees, right in front of Huo Zhenghai.

"Dad# I'm sorry, I really did spend that money, but I only took 60 million# My friends pressured me into it, I didn't use to be like that. I'm sorry, but I really had no idea where the 300 million yuan went, I really don't, I didn't do anything."

"Do you think anyone will believe what you say anymore? My little brother# a fault confessed is half redressed. If you surrender the 300 million yuan now, we can still forgive you." Huo Siqian smiled gently.

At this moment, Huo Mian was certain that Huo Siyi did not know where the 300 million yuan went.

This time, Huo Siqian played him well#

"You bastard, tell us where you hid rest of the money# and hand it over." Huo Zhenghai kicked Huo Siyi.

Shen Jiani was heartbroken, and she immediately ran up to hold Huo Siyi, "Siyi# tell me what happened, how can you be so silly?"

"Mom# I really don't know where the 300 million went# I only took 60 million# I was tricked, they said that the hackers transferred the funds to a Swiss bank account, and no one could track them down# I didn't know that this would happen, I know it was my fault."

"Little brother, don't be scared. I told you# the Huo Family can compensate for the 60 million, we'll just pretend that was your pocket money# but you cannot be forgiven for moving the 400 million in construction funds# Do you have any idea how much money that is?"

Indeed, the Huo Family didn't have hundreds of millions lying around for them to spend#

Therefore, compared to Su Yu, Huo Siqian barely spent any money, let alone squander everything he had.

His car was no more than a Maserati, worth a little over 2 million yuan, unlike Su Yu and the others, who owned countless Ferraris.

A family-money-squandering scoundrel like Huo Siyi might be able to get away with spending millions, or even tens of millions.

However, pocketing 400 million yuan in construction funds was indeed a big problem#

"Zhenghai# I think Si Yi's a little overwhelmed, why don't we talk about this at home?" Shen Jiani was unwilling to put any more pressure on Huo Siyi, so she suggested that they go home.

However, Huo Siqian was not about to allow for that to happen. He smiled, "Director Shen, how can you be so silly? This is a public matter, why would we discuss it at home? There are dozens of board members here; if he doesn't provide us with an explanation, how are we supposed to convince others? Have you considered what it would do to my father's or my reputation? What about the integrity of the Huo Corporation?

Huo Siqian's words were indeed aggressive#

Huo Mian could tell that he had meticulously planned out everything, planning to completely overthrow that idiot, Huo Siyi.

"Siyi# hurry up and tell us where the money went." Even Huo Yanyan began believing that Huo Siyi pocketed the money.

Shen Jiani immediately slapped Huo Yanyan on the face. "What are you bullshitting about? Didn't you hear your brother say that he didn't know where that money went? Why would you add to the mess?"

Huo Yanyan covered her swollen cheek, afraid to utter another word#

Huo Mian, on the other hand, didn't say anything#

"What about you, Mian, what do you think? Do you believe Huo Siyi?" Huo Siqian smiled as he asked Huo Mian.

Huo Mian replied word for word, "I never believe in anyone and rely solely on the truth. I see on this document that all the funds were transferred after Mr. Huo Siyi signed. If we compare these signatures, we would be able to determine if he signed them, or if they were forged."

"Perfect#" Huo Siqian then clapped, and then turned around to his assistant, "Here, bring us the third set of documents."

Shen Jiani's heart sank upon hearing that there was a third set of documents.

Because this time, it was obvious that Huo Siqian came prepared#