Chapter 863: Chaos in the Huo Family (4)

As he said so, everyone's gaze landed on Huo Mian.

Huo Mian wore a mature-looking dark blue coat. Her hair dropped down to her shoulders, and she looked like a Korean socialite.

Compared to Huo Yanyan's big floral dress, she truly looked more low-key luxurious...

"The board of directors was formed so that everyone could discuss major matters and make decisions together# But in the end, we all want what's best for the company. Since we've uncovered corruption, of course, we need to investigate this thoroughly, and hold whoever behind this accountable."

Just as Huo Mian finished speaking, the other members of the board of directors nodded in agreement.

"Miss Huo is right, we all feel the same way."

"Very well# if that's the case, then I really do think that we should do a thorough investigation. What you do think# Dad?"

Huo Siqian looked at Huo Zhenghai again after he spoke.

"Yes, since everyone feels the same way, then we should investigate this, and discuss it after we've found the cause."

Huo Zhenghai thought that this was only the beginning since the investigation would take several days.

However, to his surprise, Huo Siqian didn't plan on ending the meeting. He turned around and spoke to his female secretary, "Give everyone the second set of documents."

"Yes, President Huo."

The female secretary stood up, and once again, passed around the documents in her hands to all of the board of directors.

Upon receiving it, Huo Mian quickly it read through, her expression remaining as calm as ever.

She knew that it was only a matter of time before Huo Siqian completely ruined Huo Siyi.

Of course, both Shen Jiani and Huo Zhenghai's expressions changed after they read the second set of documents.

"This# Siqian, is this some mistake?"

"Yeah# Siyi would never do anything like this. Somebody must've set him up," Shen Jiani hurriedly made excuses for Huo Siyi.

"Haha# calm down, let me finish# when I was investigating in this matter, I thought from all angles, and therefore will not suspect anyone only based on one or two pieces of evidence. The truth is, Siyi didn't take four hundred million, he only took a portion of that money."

After Huo Siqian spoke, he opened up the second set of documents before him, and read, "Two weeks ago, Mr. Huo Siyi bought a white jade Bodhisattva at the Lanyu Auction# Then, he gifted it to his female companion for that night, Ms. Mian Mian, who works under Imperial Star# There are media reports about this and a video recording of the scene to prove the validity of this information. Then, last Tuesday, Mr. Huo Siyi treated his friends to a night of fun at Sky Universe, squandering 1.2 million yuan. This is understandable, it's only a million or so, which isn't much# But here's the important part. Last Friday, he flew to Las Vegas with a bunch of wealthy heirs, and lost forty-eight million yuan after one night of gambling# Then# he spent another 1.2 million yuan to spend the night with a Russian celebrity# These spendings have totaled up to over sixty million yuan."

The entire conference room went into an uproar after Huo Siqian spoke#
"Siyi# did this really happen?" Huo Zhenghai frowned at his youngest son angrily.

"Dad# I#" Before he could even try to explain himself...

Huo Siqian then added, "We can find and track entry and exit records, as well as border control in Las Vegas. Of course# he didn't pay for his nights on the town with his own credit card; instead, our corporation's Finance Department transferred these funds into a mule account, which was then transferred into his account. This is a classic hacker move. Even though it's very difficult to track, but I do apologize# I have a friend who is a top-notch hacker, and he figured out where the money went# So Siyi, my dear little brother, I have some questions for you. It's fine for you to spend sixty million, but where did you hide the rest of the three hundred million or so? Give it up, and I'll forgive you."

"No, I didn't#" Huo Siyi kept shaking his head.