Chapter 862: Chaos in the Huo Family (3)

Huo Siqian looked all around. "Is everyone here?"

"Yes," replied the female secretary.

"Okay, then we'll begin. The focus of our meeting today is to discuss my dear brother, Mr. Huo Siyi's# neglection of duties on the construction project he managed this time. Siyi# tell everyone about it."
Huo Siqian slapped the documents onto the table after he spoke#
Then, he leaned back on his chair, seemingly very impatient#

Huo Siyi was a bit nervous as if he wasn't brave enough to speak#

"Siyi# what happened?" Shen Jiani asked as she looked at her son with bits of panic.

"Each and every one of you has a set of detailed documents before you. If Vice President Huo is too embarrassed to tell us himself, then you can all take a look and judge for yourself#"

After Huo Siqian spoke, Huo Mian held up the documents in front of her, slowly opened it, and after she took a look, she immediately gained a basic understanding of the situation.

This project was enacted no more than two months ago, and the Huo Corporation had already invested nearly seven hundred million yuan, but# Huo Siqian recently found out that only around three hundred million was actually used on the project, which meant that four hundred million disappeared out of the blue# The accounts were very messy, indicating that someone had messed around with the books.

Huo Mian kept her composure after reading it and didn't say anything.

Huo Zhenghai picked up the documents and took a look; then his expressions gradually became grim#

"Siyi# what is this?" Huo Zhenghai asked sternly.

"Dad# this has nothing to do with me. I really don't know# I didn't take a cent, and I don't know where the money went either. Could it be that you never invested that much into it the project from the beginning?" Huo Siyi hurriedly tried to push blame away from himself.

"Bastard#" Huo Zhenghai forcefully slapped the documents onto the table.

"I signed all the financial audits back then, how could I not know how much money went into the project?" Huo Zhenghai was infuriated by his son's excuses.

"Don't be mad just yet# Let's talk about it after we find out what really happened# Siyi wouldn't dare# to do such a stupid thing." Shen Jiani felt bad for her son and was biased, so she immediately consoled Huo Zhenghai.

"Yea# Dad, don't be mad just yet# It's possible that my brother was tricked by someone# After all, there are a lot of people in our company with wild ambitions, so we might've wrongly accused my brother." After Huo Yanyan spoke, she looked at Huo Siqian not far away with hostility.

Huo Siqian sneered and didn't even bother speaking#

"You've taken over this project for quite some time now, so you should be the one to talk about it. Where did this amount of money end up? Could it have grown wings and flown away?" Huo Siqian looked at Huo Siyi and snickered.

"How would I know? I'm not the only one working on this project. So many people work with me, and there are at least fifty or even a hundred people who had their hands on this money, so it's perfectly normal for it to disappear# Bro, you should check the leeches working under me, and not me." Huo Siyi attempted to shift all of the blame onto a scapegoat.

Shen Jiani immediately followed, "That's right. There have always been account issues with our construction projects, so this is inevitable. After all, pests are hard to get rid of, and Siyi shouldn't be blamed for this."

"It's true that this happens every time, but after I took over dad's responsibilities, I've managed to keep the account difference within five million. This time, Mr. Huo Siyi's project is missing four hundred million yuan. I have to ask about it, even if I don't want to# What do you think, Dad?"

"Four hundred million is far too much# We must investigate into this, we can't just let this go," Huo Zhenghai wasn't dumb either, and he knew that the Huo Corporation wasn't as wealthy as Imperial Star or GK.

They still cared about a few hundred million, but Huo Zhenghai felt like a piece of his flesh had been sliced off upon hearing that four hundred million yuan disappeared out of the blue. He wouldn't let this go just because it was his youngest son, and he also instinctively felt like this incident had nothing to do Huo Siyi.

"Then search however you like, I didn't take any of it." Huo Siyi didn't seem to care at all.

He arrogantly thought that no matter how powerful Huo Siqian was, the latter wouldn't be able to touch him, as long as his father, mother, and sister protected him.

However, he was wrong, Huo Siqian chose not to attack Siyi not because he was worried about other people.

Instead, he just never found the right opportunity#

"Mian, what do you think# about this?" Huo Siqian's glance finally landed on Huo Mian.