Chapter 861: Chaos in the Huo Family (2)

Xie Juan looked at Ni Yang, and then over at Huo Mian, then she lowered her head and left without a word...

"Why is she here?" Ni Yang frowned, obviously still upset about everything that happened in the past and reacting quite dramatically to Xie Juan's appearance.

"Who is she#?" Huo Mian pretended not to know since she didn't plan for Ni Yang to find out everything yet.

"She is that heartless woman that abandoned me# Haha, what a joke# why would she be here? Does this mean that something else happened to that precious son of hers?" Ni Yang coldly said.

"Just let it go# Don't worry about others yet# Just take care of yourself first. Stay here for now, South Side's not bad. I've arranged a VIP room for you on the top floor, but there is one thing. You can't go downstairs# because your presence will start a riot#"

"Whoa, whoa# Sister Mian."

Huo Mian ignored him, no matter how much Ni Yang protested...

In the end, she forcefully admitted him to a VIP room on the top floor. She arranged a nurse for him, along with a doctor.

Everyone kept Ni Yang's hospitalization a secret because of his special identity...

Ni Yang had no choice but to behave and follow Huo Mian orders, but he didn't know what he was sick with.

He still remained fairly optimistic. He watched TV every day, listened to music, and browsed the internet, but he wasn't allowed to freely walk downstairs.

Yingzi quietly pulled Huo Mian aside and warned her, "Young Madam# Ni Yang's been admitted into the hospital, so we must perform the surgery soon# If he doesn't appear in the public eyes after a while, his fans will go into chaos# By then, media outlets and the public will all turn their attention onto this matter. Once they find out that he is in the hospital, I can't imagine# the consequences."

"I know, I'm very worried as well, but we still haven't found a matching liver yet# Let me think about the options."

"Okay, I'll wait for your update."

Huo Mian's heart sunk as she left the room...

Xie Juan still hadn't decided yet, and Huo Mian didn't want to push her into making a decision.

Ni Yang's life was now in the hands of the woman who once abandoned him. If Xie Juan disagreed#

Then, Huo Mian wouldn't be able to do anything about it. In that case, she would have to start looking for a matching liver elsewhere. If she did, Ni Yang would be able to undergo surgery.

Huo Mian felt like she had been very unlucky lately#

Everything that had happened lately had been bad, whether it was Zhixin and Huang Yue, or Shuai Shuai and Ni Yang. These things all made her feel terrible.

She received another call from the Huo Corporation when she got off work.

The call was made by Huo Siqian's secretary, who asked her to head back for a board of directors meeting.

Huo Mian grew frustrated, wanting to refuse attendance, but she remembered that Huo Siqian said he was going to make his move.

She would feel bad if she messed up his plans.

So she forced herself to drive straight to the Huo Corporation.

- Huo Corporation Headquarters -
Huo Mian was a very punctual person, so she usually arrived five minutes earlier.

Huo Siqian, Huo Yanyan, and the others hadn't arrived yet when she entered the meeting room.
There were only a few of board of directors, who greeted her politely upon seeing her.

Of course, this wasn't because she was one of the heiresses of the Huo Corporation; rather, it was because she was now Qin Chu's wife.

This was the crucial factor, and people were all superficial snobs#

"Mian, you're here early," Huo Zhenghai greeted Huo Mian as he walked in.

Huo Mian slightly nodded#

Then, Shen Jiani and Huo Yanyan also walked in behind Huo Zhenghai.

Later, in followed Huo Siyi#

His eyes filled with hints of terror when he saw Huo Mian#

He hid very far away from her and sat down right next to Huo Yanyan without saying anything#

Huo Siqian walked in with his gorgeous secretary at 6:15 PM.

He wore a chocolate-colored casual suit, and no longer had on his usual smile# as if something bad had happened.
Gentleness flashed past his eyes when he saw Huo Mian, but the others weren't able to tell.

"President Huo, we can begin now."

The female secretary reminded him quietly...